By Manoj J Lekhi

Some one  says I am healthy

Some  one says I  am unhealthy

Now  how does  one define  health

Thats  the big  question ?

Health  is the experience  of no- body

If  you have  a headache

Than you know you have a head.

If  you have  a stomach ache

Than  you realize  you have a stomach.

When  you have  no-ache

You  also forget   that you have a  body

Every thing  seems to work  perfectly right

All functions  of the body are  working automatically

May be billions of functions are working miraculously

Your inhaling, your exhaling

Your heart beat,   your blood moving

Your digestion, your purification

Your thinking, your emotions

All working  just in perfect  harmony

Without  you every knowing about  it

Without  you knowing   the existence of  your body.

This  is health !

The experience  of no – body

The experience  of nobodyness

When  you are some `body’

You are  in ill health

When  you are in somebodyness

You are in ill – health.

Somebodyness means  thinking that

I  am a doctor, I am  engineer

I am  a father , I  am husband

I am  a mother ,  I am a wife.

I  am a general manager ,  I am a director

I am   I am ….. . is  somebodyness

Somebodyness  is disease

Nobodyness  is health

SAMADHI  is a state  of ‘ nobodyness’