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Just Let Go!


Anger, Disturbances, Frustration, Resentment and Bitterness is rampant in our lives and cultures. Holding on to such low-vibrational content is damaging to our lives. Many people feel they are caught up in this low-vibe vortex. But the fact is that they are the ones who are holding on to all this content. Learn with us [...]

Just Let Go!2022-04-26T17:01:01+05:30

Governing Business and Relationships – Part 2


By A. Parthasarathy   The human personality is constituted of on outer body and two inner equipment’s known as the mind and intellect. the mind is made up of feelings and emotions, likes and dislikes. The intellect is the faculty to think, reason, judge, decide. The intellect maintaining its governance over the mind’s activity is [...]

Governing Business and Relationships – Part 22019-10-06T21:24:24+05:30



Change is the changeless law.    The most important quality of great people is the willingness to change. Change is the willingness to give up who you are in order to become what you can be. It is in the willingness to give up the life of a caterpillarthatitbecomesa butterfly.  Grow-‐ we must. So, change [...]

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You Are Co-creating Within  


Excerpts from the book ‘Ask and It’s Given’ By Esther and Jerry Hicks.   A Magnificently Diverse Universe     If you have the ability to imagine it, or even to think about it, the Universe has the ability and the resources to deliver it fully unto you, for this Universe is like a well-stocked kitchen with [...]

You Are Co-creating Within  2019-06-08T09:29:50+05:30

Your Expenses Are Your Investments


An article from the book ‘Money Wealth Abundance’ by Manoj J Lekhi.   THE WHOLE WORLD IS RUNNING AFTER MONEY   Money plays such an important part in everyone’s life. People cheat each other for money, rob each other for money and, even, kill each other for money.   HOW DOES MONEY AFFECT OUR HEALTH? [...]

Your Expenses Are Your Investments2019-06-08T09:29:56+05:30

Clarity brings Power


A video by Manoj J Lekhi   Once we are clear with what we want to 'DO', 'BE' or 'HAVE', then things happen effortlessly. We get disturbed when we are not clear in the mind. When we plan our budget, and decide where we want to spend, how much expense we need to do [...]

Clarity brings Power2019-06-08T09:29:57+05:30