Trust Nature

Water at Ahobilam


In 1990 teachers training that I attended at Ahobilam, the temperature was probably 48 degree centigrade, really really hot and when we would sit for meditation against the wall, our backs would burn, so we could not use the back support and there were so many flies and mosquitoes around. When we would meditate, I had to cover my head with a malmal cloth fully wet, so that it kept me cool.


One of the days, we had gone out for a walk, myself, Guruji and Nina. Owing to such weather, I was very thirsty and wanted to have some water.

Guruji saw a little trickle of water flowing on one side of a mountain. He then asked me, ‘Why don’t you go and have  the water?’ I saw and said Guruji, that looks like dirty water as it was a small trickle of water coming from somewhere.


He looked at me and smiled. He went forward and drank some water from there. I looked at him and followed, drank the water & quenched my thirst. He then told me, ‘Any water flowing more than 10 feet distance is clear and pure water! Don’t worry. Keep on having. Enjoy yourself. Nature is abundant! Nature is always giving!’


From that time, there on I have been having all types of water anywhere and everywhere, and I am perfectly fine as far as water is concerned. Water has never troubled me.


We had gone to Europe, and people said , ‘Always buy the water and that time it was very expensive. For 30 days, we had water right from tap wherever we stayed and it was perfectly alright. I have conducted many AMCs, made lots and lots of juices from flowing water, as well as made food from flowing water. Many a time my observation is that all the participants are perfectly fine. But there would be in every group, one or two who would suspect the water; trust me, they would be the only ones who would get into stomach upsets & the like.


If you have Bhakti, and your courage of conviction is high enough, you can have this way and be free from this bondage of: ‘This is good, and this is bad water.’ We have brought up our child Vedoci also like that. If I am eating something and it falls down from my hand, I simply pick it up and put it in mouth with tremendous bhakti as if it is prasad. I have always enjoyed great health. We should all rise beyond such petty concerns.


So be free in your mind, and have lot of surrender towards nature’s abundance. Thank you Guruji for showing me how to be free from petty things and live life abundantly!


These and many other episodes with Guruji in the lap of nature helped me develop great trust in nature.


To this day, I am one of the first people to take my friends into various adventure trips in the lap of nature and given a chance, I myself disappear from the group to enjoy my solitude in the lap of nature.

Thank you Guruji!