Social Responsibilities!

What You Earn Does Not Matter;

What You Share With The Society

Is What Matters.

- By Manoj J Lekhi (Amrut Vivek)

Building A Powerful Nation, Self sustainable,
Making Youth Independent & Self reliant,
through practices of ancient wisdom of Swadharma.

From Somebodiness,
to Nobodiness,
to Everybodiness.
Thank You! Guruji

Rishi Gurukulam

Rishi Gurukulam at Kartarkhadak hills in Pune today is a Residential school (Gurukul) in the midst of nature. The school offers a joyous experience and value-based education to children, thereby shaping them to be world class leaders and responsible citizens.

The school today is in the midst of a majorinfrastructure upgrade. As this is a non-profit organization, we are reaching out to both individuals and corporates to help us in this divine mission.


With the service of the cow mother, all the sadness is green.
Where Cows Are Happy, Prosperity Is There


“Annam para Brahma swarupam” –
-The Upanishads
Annadanna is the most Auspicious Seva one can do.

Health & Hygiene

Health camps
Hygiene awareness
Medical awareness

Clean India Green India

Environmental Protection
Awareness activities
Cleanliness drive
Green practices.


Education and vocational skills
Indoor and outdoor sports
Value based education and Leadership
Fun clubs

Women Empowerment

Skills Enhancement.
Parenting programs
Vocational skills and empowerment.
Employment and Entrepreneurship skills
Personal, emotional, social and economic well-being

Youth Empowerment

Skills Development
Entrepreneurship training
Economic and social well being

Responsibility and Leadership

To foster togetherness and harmony among all villagers leading to world vision of global peace.
Raising the consciousness, so that individuals develop the village on their own accord.


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