Concern for the Children of the Poor


While on the topic of the welfare of the poor, we are equally concerned about the problem of malnutrition of poor children in cities which leads to their improper physical development. Especially during the constant heavy rains in monsoons, when epidemics break out, the children of the poor are the first to fall ill. This [...]

Concern for the Children of the Poor2021-04-11T20:13:38+05:30

The Hope of Every Youngster


We are also committed to developing infrastructure facilities including 24-hour electricity and water supply. Additionally, people should have proper transportation to commute from home to work, even if it is by bicycle. Infrastructure is developing at a rapid pace all over the world and we want to be a part of this development. God has [...]

The Hope of Every Youngster2021-03-31T00:13:13+05:30

The First Right should go to the Poor


In addition to completing one lakh houses in one year, my other dream is to complete three lakh houses by 2010, the year of ‘Swarnim Gujarat’. People often ask me how I plan to raise funds for this mammoth task. My answer is that the funds will come from the people of Gujarat – every [...]

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O That I Might have a House of My Own!


(On the occasion of announcing the ` 13000 crores Garib Samriddhi Yojna, Panchdev Mahadev Temple, Arbudanagar, Odhav, Ahmedabad. June 3, 2007) Gujarat’s journey of progress has been a rapid one. Whenever there is rapid industrialization we see massive migration of people from villages to cities. City dwellers are not only blessed with money, but also [...]

O That I Might have a House of My Own!2021-03-30T23:53:36+05:30

Let’s Create a New History


The sole aim of my life is the development of Gujarat. I strongly believe that Sarpanches will play a crucial role in this mission of prosperity. People will definitely remember those who have worked for their welfare. Let us pledge to raise the banner of prominence. Undoubtedly, we will be able to create a new [...]

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Another Economic Revolution


We can have another economic revolution if all villagers decide to build check-dams, sand-bag dams or small ponds in their fields to stop wastage of water. There was a time when Gujarat was earning ` 9,000 crores in the best of times. In 2007, Gujarat has earned ` 34,000 crores from agriculture. In states like [...]

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Lady Sarpanches Bring a New Ray of Hope


When a lady becomes the sarpanch of a village, some unusual problems are created. Let me relate a humorous incident when I was working in Haryana. At one of the meetings, a gentleman introduced himself as SP. I told him that this is a BJP meeting, not a government one, so he could not attend [...]

Lady Sarpanches Bring a New Ray of Hope2021-03-01T19:07:47+05:30

Showcasing the Skills of the Villages


Many villages in our state have showcased their skills and resourcefulness. For example, Bhujodi has become world renowned for its handicrafts. Why can’t the sarpanch of every village dream about making his/her own village famous? The villagers of Dharmaj, near Anand have come up with a unique concept. Instead of quarrelling among themselves over pasture, [...]

Showcasing the Skills of the Villages2021-02-04T15:38:00+05:30

The Village as a Unit of Governance


I have another mission. When I first became the Chief Minister, my detractors were quick to point out that I had no experience in governance. They wanted to know how a person who has never been a member of a municipal corporation, never been inside the Parliament and has directly become the Chief Minister, would [...]

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