Excerpts from the book ‘Think & Grow Rich’ By Napoleon Hill.   Autosuggestion is a term which applies to all self- administered stimuli which reach one’s mind through the five senses. It is the agency of communication between that part of mind where conscious thought takes place, and that which serves as the seat of [...]


‘Exams’ Test Your Current Preparation, Not You…. Chill!


Excerpts from the book ‘Exam Warriors’ by Narendra Modiji.   In this hyper-competitive era of relentless pressure from all sides, it is easy to think that exams are a matter of life and death, and that failure is final. But exams are not about life and death. Do not get bogged down by any pressure, [...]

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Academics And Your Child


An article from the book ‘Your Child is Your Parent’ by Manoj J Lekhi (Amrut Vivek).   “A mind stretched by a new idea never returns to its original dimensions.”  Oliver Wendell Holmes   As specified earlier, if one were to have an actual idea of the capacity of one’s child’s brain and understand the [...]

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A Man, an Avid Gardener


A man, an avid Gardener saw a small Butterfly laying few eggs in one of the pots in his garden. Since that day he looked at the egg with ever growing curiosity and eagerness.    The egg started to move and shake a little. He was excited to see a new life coming up right [...]

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Oh ! Children are such a blessing


A Poem by Manoj J Lekhi (Amrut Vivek)   They are the little angels come down to earth  They are the little message of God Infact, they are little Gods, come down here,   If only we could learn from them Instead of teaching there If only we could respect them Instead of scolding them [...]

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Guruji Guides us on: Relationships & Being Loving – Part 1


Condensed from Talks by Pujya Guruji Shree  Rishi  Prabhakarji from RishiVani.   Pujya Guruji, an amazing soul  was able to see matters at very deep levels. Often, in a meditative state over long periods, he then gave us many profound realisations which ordinary men cannot fathom. We know of    the classes by Indian standards: [...]

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Exams Are Like Festivals – Celebrate Them!


Excerpts from the book ‘Exam Warriors’ by Narendra Modiji.   The closest parallel to exams is festivals!  You may be surprised but let me explain why…   To begin with, there is a great spirit of anticipation in the run-up to festivals. They are among the most awaited events of the year. I am sure [...]

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Jarasandha / Hans / Dhimpak


In order to defeat Jarasandha, there was no other way but to get rid of Hans and Dimbhak. In order to achieve this objective in the battlefield Krishna killed a swan (Swan is English word for Hans) and spread the rumour that Hans was killed. Dimbhak heard this rumour. He was deeply grieved at the [...]

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Gods Gods Gods Everywhere!


Every moment Every day went on meeting different Gods in different forms. Most of the time I was offered ... Some time milk! Some time tea! Sometime lunch! Sime time dinner ! some time breakfast! Most of the gods stopped by the scooter, by motorcycle and offered me lifts to the next destination! Most of [...]

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