The 95:5 Principle


An Article from the book ‘Are you a Super Leader?’ by Manoj J Lekhi.   Do you know that 95% of our mind is sub-conscious mind and only 5% is conscious? Our sub-conscious mind is loaded with memories, memories and memories from the past. All our skills, habits, conditioning and programs are part of our [...]

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Death of Ashwathama


There is a narration of an incident in Ashwamedhic Chapter of the Mahabharat.  Ashwatthama, out of great anger and jealousy, and expressed his intention to release his Brahmastra to kill Parikshit, an unborn child, in the womb of Uttara.     It was not possible for anybody to offer resistance to his Brahmastra. Parikshit was to [...]

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Commitment and Moksha


Condensed from talks by Guruji Shree Rishi Prabhakarji.   Let us look at another aspect of Commitment: Commitment is  the driving force for persistent action. The spirit that ‘I will get it done at any cost’ makes most important things happen in the  world.   A person who keeps his word and commitment at any [...]

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In your Appreciation you offer no Resistance.


Excerpts from the book ‘Ask and It’s Given’ By Esther and Jerry Hicks.   Appreciation and self-love are the most important aspects you could ever nurture. Appreciation of others and appreciation of yourself are the closest vibrational matches to source energy of anything we have ever witnessed anywhere in this universe.     But if you criticize [...]

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Seeing Godliness in Everyone


An Article from the book ‘Thank You Guruji!’ by Manoj J Lekhi.   Guru Poornima at Dehri   We were celebrating Guru Poornima in Dehri ashram in August 2011 and after the function the next day, early in the morning Guruji and all of us went to a village for the Clean India  Program.   [...]

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The King and the Wise Pandit


There was a wicked Maharaja who could not bear to think that anyone was superior. So he summoned all the pandits of the realm, as was the practice on momentous occasions, and put to them this question: “Which of us is greater, I or God?”.    The pandits began to shake with fear. Being wise by profession, [...]

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Was it your speed, or was it the tree?


7 Blocks- F/S/G/H/L/I/E Excerpts from the book ‘Ask and It’s Given’ By Esther and Jerry Hicks.    If you were driving a vehicle at 100 miles per hour and you hit the tree, you would experience a very big crash. However, if you were to hit the same tree and your vehicle was travelling and just [...]

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Commitment & Freedom


Condensed from talks by Guruji Shree Rishi Prabhakarji.   What is the value of commitment?  Why  should  one be committed?    Commitment  and Dharma:    Basically you are what you are committed  to.    You are known by your Commit-ment. For example: A person goes  to work as an accountant every day. Then he is [...]

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Experience & Realization


Aditya Sejpal Experience: Amazing! ( in Realization ) Refueling , peaceful, deep sadhana , deeper understanding , brotherhood , being one wish nature & joy & teams of happiness & gratitude & sharing goods creations with fellow sadhana v.deep exp. Of narayan process. Realization: Learnt application of the & laws feelings & their importance the [...]

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