A beautiful marriage involves
boundless freedom as well as reverence
for the spouse and the children.
– By Manoj J Lekhi.

Would you like to Re-Discover Each other? 

Would you like to Re-Kindle the spark of your Honeymoon?

Marriage is a wonderful journey between man and woman.

It can be FANTASTIC or HELL. It is all about whether the understanding of the dynamics of a man and woman is clear or not to the couple.

Understand the natural differences between Man and Woman and take your marriage to the next level of togetherness.

It all depends on how we take it or look at it. This is very nicely brought about in the ‘Marriage Insights’ Joy-Shop and so a transformation automatically happens.

At the end of the workshop, one experiences the magic of being ‘Married Forever’!

5 Ways of Recreating Magic in your Marriage!

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Key Highlights of the Workshops

What is covered in this program?

A deep connection develops between you and your spouse because you understand …

What are the other outcomes of the Workshop besides a Happy Marriage?

So, wherever your marriage stands today, this workshop will enhance your marriage from one level to another to higher and higher states of Happiness. 

Actually Marriage is a wonderful journey between a man and woman. It can go either ways though, it can be Fantastic or Hell. It is all about whether the understanding of the dynamics of a man and woman is clear to the couple or not.

About Your Mentor

Manoj J. Lekhi

Relationship Coach

Manoj J Lekhi, lovingly called Manojji, is a truth seeker at heart and a friend and guide to thousands in India and overseas.

He is an inspirational expert in multiple areas – child development, education, human consciousness, management and leadership development. His forte is to simplify, complicated science into simplified application practical tools, which even 10 years old child can understand. His motive is about transforming oneself within and thereby experiencing abundance inside and out.

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Magic of Marriage Details!

Pre-Registration Mandatory (Compulsory) 

Most beneficial if done by couple together.

  • Date: 4-Jul-24 to 7-Jul-24 

  •  4 Days Residential Program at Katarkhadak Hills, Pune.

  • Below Investments are inclusive of Food and Program Material.

  • To know more Kindly contact – +91 98203 17484

Investments for a Couple!


₹12000 for tents
(₹6000 per person)


₹15000 for kutir
(₹7500 rs per person)

Deluxe Rooms (Nandlala)

₹18000 for Nandala
(₹9000 per person)

Deluxe Rooms with Bed (Nandlala)

₹20000 for Nandala
(₹10000 per person)

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