Design Your Life

Get to Know the “WHY” of all your problems in the areas of Health, Wealth and Relationships.

Enables you to operate at the highest level of Leadership

Rewires your Habits, Redefines Your Life.

‘Design your Life’ is a Continuous Education Programme (Inward Growth) to help you raise the quality of your life dramatically.

The Success Cue

🎯 Get Clarity on your Visions and Goals and set Milestones.

🌠 Get rid of your unwanted Beliefs which are creating hurdles in your Success.

📅 Prioritise and Organize task in Your Life on a Daily basis

⚖️ Learn how to Balance Your Life in Professional and Personal

🧑🏽‍🤝‍🧑🏻 Learn to Build an Effective Team by creating leaders and delegating in a responsible manner

Magic of Marriage!

Marriage involves lots of expectations from each other. In a just-married phase, we are more cooperative, humble, and adjust ourselves as per our partner. The real challenge starts when our partner starts triggering us or over-expecting from us. We start feeling that we don’t understand each other and then we trigger our partners badly. This results in all kinds of issues.

Learn how to  
1. Dissolve your Issues.
2. Improve your Communication.
3. Express to Each Other.

My 😇 Aura Club!

This platform is focused on shaping the child’s inner self and putting values and seeds that would grow in time, through fun ways like Music, Dance, Art, Science, Art of Storytelling, and Games.

Values like Gratitude, Love, Channelising Anger, Rewiring the Brain and Dealing with their Emotions.


Organizing and Time management is a training programme where “the whole team works in a unified manner” under the direction of the owner of the company. This happens very joyfully & effortlessly based on well laid systems and a compassionate follow-up.

What is so special about OTM?
§ Learn the “ART OF DELEGATION’.
§ We ensure ‘APPLICATION’ at your end and a system that works. This programme is more than ‘What to do’ and ‘How to do’.