The Art of Self- Management!


The Science of Joyful and Effortless Living!

Healthy Mind / Healthy Body





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6:00AM to 10:30AM IST

Batch 2 - Time

6:00PM to 10:30PM IST

Introspect and answer the below question to your ownself:

Do you feel you are doing too much in life?

Are you always short of time?

Are you running from one deadline to another?

Would you like to improve your relationships?

Do you want to give the best to your child but somehow feel unable to do so?

Do you want to be happy, childlike and joyful?

Do you want to have better communication with your  boss, colleagues and others?

Are you suffering from Diabetes, Asthma, Cardiac Disease, High Blood Pressure?

Are Arthritis, Acidity, Insomenia and Vertigo making your life hell?

Is Obesity weighing you down?

What is SMILE?

Physical Management 

Making healthy choices of food according to Pranic diet therapy will provide the much needed rest to and purification of the physical body. Ancient techniques of Pranayama will rejuvenate the body with Pranic Energy 

Mental Management 

Samadhi Meditation relaxes the mind, so that deep-rooted tensions, stress and anxieties are cleared out and the clutter and constant chattering of the mind is eased out. This creates much needed space to use the mind creatively and productively. 

Social Management 

Effective tools of Role Management will empower you to live each moment to its fullest. It will enable you to play the part of a parent, spouse, professional or friend as a leader with joy. 

Emotional Management 

Emotional Quotient (EQ) is as important as Intelligence Quotient (IQ) learning to express once emotions effectively will enhance the quality of any relationship allowing you to build bridges instead of walls. 

Spiritual Management 

When the mentioned four aspects of the self are managed, the fifth kosha, the Spiritual Body get awakened and activated This awakening allows you to enjoy a childlike blissful innonce, where you can be happy right now, right here for, no particular reason.

Learn the Science of Self Management and free yourself from the stress of daily living. 

Bring joy and fun back into your life. 

Bring health and vitality in your body.

Learn the ancient art of the rishi’s to bring life back into your life! 


SMILE is about...


Guruji Shri Rishi Prabhakarji is the founder of the Siddha Samadhi Yoga (SSY) Program. 

He is a world reowned teacher of Meditation, Self Management and Social Consciousness. He is a computer scientist an Aeronautical Engineer and a Management Graduate from Western Ontario University, Canada.

Life Yessence Academy (LiYA)

LiYA is a voluntary organisation, whose aim is to awaken the human consciousness and empower mankind to realise the potential which lies within each and every human being. It has more than 600 centres in India and 15 centres abroad including USA, which are flourishing with Samadhi Method of Management.

What people have to say about SMILE program!

SSY teachers Pranayama, inculcates the right food habits as well as positive thinking and a stress free lifestyle. People have told me there has been a marked improvement in me. It is not only about knocking of those inches but people find me more enthusiastic and not tired and exhausted all the time .

Sonali Kulkarni 

Film Actress 


The application of SSY principles has increased my business turnover from lakhs to many crores. My business is expanding more and more and I’m feeling more to ease and have much more free time for all other commitments.

Satinder Singh 


SMILE is getting back… 

the abillity to laugh,

the ability to cry, 

the ability to sing,

the ability to dance. 

It is… 

to be state of wonder, 

to be in a state of enchantment,

to be creative, sensitive, receptive, 

to love, care and allow yourself to be loved anf cared for.

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