An Article from the book ‘Money, Wealth & Abundance’ by Manoj J Lekhi.

Do you want to be very rich?

Do you want to be very, very rich?

You will be as rich as your ability to clear the clutter in your life. I remember that when I was a child of probably 8 to 10 years of age, I used to love clearing all my drawers, cupboards, lofts etc.

I would take out all the old material, re-organise and keep the necessary ones in, throw out the ones I didn’t need and give away the stuff that was in excess or not being used.

I, again, recollect that when I was working for my company, Zeds Attire Pvt. Company, I used to take rounds of all our galas (workshops), and I would love to clear, organize and  reorganize all the material, fabrics, buttons etc. that we had, as we were in a garment manufacturing business. I would also love to take all the old fabric which was not selling, take it to the printer, reprint it and recycle it.

All this organising started from my childhood. The more you clear your clutter, the richer you become. The science behind this is that the more you clear, the more you create space, due to which a vacuum is created, into which new things come in. This goes for everything in your house.

Start with your refrigerator: keep only that which is required and used. I have seen some people’s refrigerators stuffed and overflowing with things; half of the stuff are finally thrown or kept for ‘that day when it may come of use’, which never comes. I have seen people’s cupboards chock-full of clothes, 50 percent of which they don’t wear. I have seen people’s music library area full of old cassettes, and now CDs, which they never bother to listen to.

I have seen people’s store rooms heaving and full of ration kept for months and months together, which is more than what they need. I have seen people’s kitchens with hundreds of vessels when they only require just a few. Once again, follow this science: Clear your clutter – clear your refrigerator, storeroom, cupboard and all the things that you don’t require in your house or you don’t utilize.

Give it away to someone who needs it more, or sell it off and use that money to, again, share with others. The more you clear, the more the space created is, whereby more new things will come in, more energy will flow in and the richer you will get. The quicker you clear, the quicker you get richer.

This can be taken further to include clearing your laptops, mobiles and other electronic instruments. The outside clutter reflects the inner clutter of your mind. When you clear the outside clutter, even the inner clutter clears.

I have seen people’s laptops, computers etc. full of ‘post-its’, or folders, all over the desktop. This, again, shows your state of mind which is also full of clutter. Organize, keep it neat and clean. In the laptop, make it a practice to keep all the material in the respective folders, and you will suddenly feel very light. You can go through the technology workshop conducted by LiYA to learn the above.

Save all the thoughts you get that are productive in a ‘thought pad’ and, again, you will start feeling immediately creative. PEN IT DOWN… you will feel light and relaxed. Penning the thoughts away is a way to clear the mind.

This goes further, and it is not only related to the house in which you live, but also to the house which is within you

– ‘YOUR INNER HOUSE.’ This also relates to clearing your body, your mind, your heart, your intellect and your soul.

Clearing your body: You can achieve this by developing healthy food habits, and eating 50% raw food, fruits and vegetables. You can do this by practising physical exercises, yoga, pranayama, Kaya Kalp Kriya etc.

Clearing your mind: This is best done by meditating twice a day. I always tell people that if you cannot find time to meditate twice in a day, at least meditate three times a day. Meditation is the greatest cleanser for the mind. Meditation frees the mind from all the unwanted thoughts.

Clearing your heart: Clearing the heart is attained by completing the interaction with all the people you care about and love. This is done by expressing whatever positive or negative you feel in a compassionate way with all the people you truly care about. We love so many people, but we rarely express our feelings. It’s high time we told all those we care about and love that we truly care about them.

Clearing the intellect: In the SSY class, the intellect gets beautifully cleared with the various classroom sessions. Reading inspirational books will also help to clear the intellect. Clearing the intellect means intellectually understanding and bearing in mind all the time that you are actually a NOBODY, who has just taken up a role as somebody, which is a temporary phenomenon. One day, you are going to die, we all will die. So, there’s no need to take life too seriously; just celebrate every moment.

Clearing the soul: When people come for the retreats for silence and all the advanced programmers of LiYA, the soul is cleared through the various processes that we undergo in the programme. This is spiritual cleansing and healing.

I urge you, the reader, to take time out on a regular basis to cleanse and to clear the clutter outside as well as inside.

From 1999, I have been keeping aside, for myself, one day in a week, mostly, Wednesdays for the first seven years and Tuesdays for the next seven years, which I call the ‘SCOPE’ day.

‘S’ stands for ‘Silence.’

‘C’ stands for ‘Clearing’ the clutter.

‘O’ stands for ‘Organizing’, which happens naturally.

‘P’ stands for ‘Planning’, which also happens naturally out of Clearance.

‘E’ stands for ‘Energising’ through light meals, and through light fruits and juices on that day.

This has helped me tremendously under the guidance of my master: It has resulted in all the creativity that has happened through me and has borne fruit in the form of various programmes and projects I have undertaken.

If all of you, the readers, can keep one day in a week as a SCOPE day based on silence, you will also receive God’s blessings and life’s blessings. It is very easy; it’s just that when you shift your priority from outwards to INWARDS, you will experience God every where. Clear the clutter of your mind this way, and you will find God within you and others.