Guru Pt. Mayur Vaidya

Pt. Mayur Vaidya, a graceful dancer, a wonderful human being and an ideal Guru,
started learning dance very early in life. He was able to follow his dream with the
support of his mother Mrs. Geeta Vaidya. With his sheer  edication and passion, under the able guidance of Guru Asha Joglekar, he created an identity of his own.
Accomplished equally in Layakari and Bhav, Guru Pt. Mayur Vaidya is also a versatile choreographer and a director. He visualizes a performance in a unique way. He has this mystical quality of flawlessly assessing the strengths and weaknesses of each of his students. His love, passion and reverence for Kathak is visible and contagious. Legend of Kathak, Padma Vibhushan Pandit Birju Maharaj has acknowledged him as one of the best dancers we have in our country.

Guru Pt. Mayur Vaidya laid the foundation of Mayur Vaidya Art Temple in 2009. Over the past decade Art Temple has emerged not only as a reputed institute for training in Kathak but also one of the most open, inclusive and accommodative performing arts institute. The Art Temple not only imparts training in classical Kathak to students from all sections of society, but also ensures that each and every student gets a platform to showcase his / her talent. In the course of their journey, students learn to be respectful, compassionate and versatile performers.

Guru Pt. Mayur Vaidya has a deep understanding of costumes, jewellery and makeup which adds to the learning experience of the students and make the productions a class above the rest. His brand Ravaaz-E-Kathak is much sought after, by professionals and amateur kathak dancers.

Why Art Temple?
This is an often asked question because there are academies and institutes and
nrityalayas dedicated to training students in the myriad dance forms but there is no Art temple. The simple reason is that we recognize that dance is one of the many art forms which lend value to Human life. While our focus is on Dance and especially on Kathak we respect and value all forms of art and try to imbibe them into our repertoire. Moreover pursuance of any art form is the closest route to divinity and in respect of the purity of our work which should be valued, preserved and propogated by newer generations we revere our school of learning as an Art Temple. 

Training at MVAT is one of the most professionally managed in this field. While the syllabus prescribed by the Akhil Bharatiya Gandharva Mandal is the basic framework for the training program. Its execution retains a fine balance between exam orientation and creative liberty. Strict emphasis is given on clear foortwork and grace. On strong layakari and delicate expressions on speed and form. Besides this regular assessments, special theory sessions and riyaz with live music prepares the student not only for the exams but also for the stage

About the Facilitator

Manoj J Lekhi

Manoj J. Lekhi is a key disciple of Guruji Shree Rishi Prabhakarji, a truth-seeker at heart and a friend, philosopher, and guide to thousands.

He has created breakthroughs in the area of Health, Wealth and Relationships for scores of people across the globe over the last 25 years.

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