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Oh’ Children are such a Blessing…


By Manoj J Lekhi They are the little angels come down to earth They are the little message of God Infact, they are little Gods, come down here!   If only we could learn from them Instead of teaching there If only we could respect them Instead of scolding them If only we could listen [...]

Oh’ Children are such a Blessing…2019-06-08T09:30:13+05:30

The Joy is in the Details


Knowledge and Awareness: Why is it so that knowledge is given so much of importance all over the world? Why is it that Goddess Saraswati is given so much of respect and importance? Increase in Knowledge may not necessarily mean Increase in Awareness BUT Increase in Awareness definitely means Increase in Knowledge. Awareness can be divided into [...]

The Joy is in the Details2019-06-08T09:30:13+05:30

Ideal Education


Ideal Education is ideal, when it is a mixture of yin and yang, where education focuses on both, the outside as well as inside. It is ideal when both the right and left-brain development is encouraged. Where learning the science of the outer world and learning the science of the inner world are equally important. [...]

Ideal Education2016-11-15T09:39:13+05:30

Spiritual parenting


LIFE POSITIVE OCTOBER 2012 Coming from a longstanding disciple of Rishi Prabhakar, the founder of Siddha Samadhi Yoga, Your Child Is Your Parent by Manoj Lekhi is brimming with simplicity that is at once wise and profound, yet very commonsensical. Built on the basic premise that parenting is more about consciousness and less about being [...]

Spiritual parenting2019-06-08T09:30:13+05:30

Parenting: An Art or a Science ?


What is Art? Art is something which we describe as an expression of oneself. Any action can be described as an ART, be it dancing, painting, music, drama, cooking or even certain mundane activities like sweeping, talking, driving, doing business etc. It is a spontaneous expression of one‟s self and hence it is unique at any given time. [...]

Parenting: An Art or a Science ?2016-05-07T09:54:41+05:30

Why Surrender?


Guru Poornima is the day when the disciple remembers the tremendous grace, which he has received from his Guru. Fortunate are the people who have a Satguru, the one person in their life whom they have totally surrendered to. Total surrender means that no questions are asked, you just live with a Guru’s aagya (message). [...]

Why Surrender?2019-06-08T09:30:14+05:30

Management @ 5 Levels


In the business world when we use the sentence, “He is a great Manager,” one interprets it as the fact that the person is managing many people effectively. And he is successful in getting the best results from his employees. We associate management with the people in the business field. But, to me Management is [...]

Management @ 5 Levels2019-06-08T09:30:14+05:30

Leadership & Management


A manager is called a manager, when he simply manages something, some projects. A big manager is called manager when he manages many events, many projects. A super manager is called manager when he manages many more things at one time, in other words it is called multi-tasking. But, leadership is a totally different phenomenon. [...]

Leadership & Management2021-09-30T01:29:20+05:30
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