What pillar hold’s your RELATIONSHIP?

By Manoj J Lekhi


As soon as one enters this human world, we are surrounded by multiple relationships that grow over a period of time. These relationships vary from each other and are based on different aspects such as it can be a mother-child relationship; or a relationship between friends, lovers, husband-wife, relatives or even a relationship between a master and a disciple.



Depending on what it is based on, both the persons involved experience that type of freedom & happiness in their respective relationship. The Relationship level or depth is based on various elements RESPECT, TRUST, REVERENCE & SURRENDER and these elements decide the strength of our relationships.



Now, What pillar hold’s your Relationship?


Respect: For example, a cricketer holds respect based on his performance. Relationships based on respect are situational and can blow off easily. If the cricketer plays well, he gains immense respect and attention of his viewers. But this is as long as he performs well. As soon as his performance dips down, the people who respected him will now start to denounce or implicate him.



This is because the relationship a celebrity or a Bollywood star or cricketer holds is based on respect he receives from others. This relationship is fragile and sensitive to an individual performance and may not hold itself for the long term.



Trust: Everybody has a strong belief that relationships are based on roots of trust, but is it? Trust may build easily and may also break off easily. But if the relationship is based on trust it is definitely better than the relationship based on respect. It is one level higher, as the underlying base is that of expectation from each other but even this does not hold itself for longer standing. For example- two partners in a business, they are in a business sort of relationship because they aim for the same goal and they share the same expectation from each other. Expectation becomes the base ground for their trust. But with over a period of time, say by 10 or 20 years the relationship might drop down with priorities changing, when they have their own families and the business relationship might lose its roots and they start deviating. S they do not live up to each others expectations the views will start changing and the relationship might break off sooner.

Reverence: If a relationship is established on unconditional love then the reverence happens between two of them, it has a long term standing. For example, a husband and wife, who are in completely in love with each other will do whatever possible to please each other and will have a bond for a longer period of

time, yet there is a room for BUT between them, they will do everything for each other but might have diverse opinions. When one has reverence for each other the strong level relationship formed is wonderful. They operate as 2 different individuals experiencing a heart-to-heart connection.



Surrender: Relationships based on surrendering oneself completely are of the highest level. This is what strengthens one’s bond forever and happily ever after. Surrendering is vital in any relationship. Surrendering is where both the souls are

Merged together to become One. It is a soul-to-soul connection. They experience Oneness. This is the relationship is held by the strongest pillar.



Relationships are based on complete acceptance of each other. Fortunately, I share the same level of surrender, with my wife Nina Lekhi and I am thankful to my Guruji Shree Rishi Prabhakar who has shared the principles of true love with me. He has always expressed that if we want something give it and we will get it for free from the universe. Call it the chakra of life. If we want love, start giving love.

So if you are reading this article, find out on what pillar is your relationship held on – Respect, Trust, Reverence or Surrender?



If one has a bond based on surrender, and we completely surrender ourselves to someone we truly love, there is no place of if’s and but’s or expectations or break-ups or issues or possessiveness. So let’s start to work to Be in a relationship where

we completely accept each and every perfection and imperfection of each other .

The result is unlimited joy, fulfilment and BLISS.


With gratitude,

Manoj J Lekhi.