Does Heaven or Hell Exist? Do you believe that , we go to Heaven or Hell as per our deeds?

We have heard it from our parents and they have heard it from their parents. Somehow we simply know Heaven is up, Hell is deep down and we are on the Earth.

Once we die and leave the body, the God of death, Yama decides where to put us, in Heaven or Hell depending on the deeds that we have done. Somehow this is a fantastic way to put fear in all of us.

So I started to think to myself, what people meant when they were talking about Heaven and Hell. Whenever this happened thousands of years ago, they were talking about the state of life, their life and experience that is like Heaven or Hell. There is nothing like the God of death deciding where you belong to – Heaven or Hell. Heaven or Hell is infact experienced by us in each moment!

If we want to live and experience Heaven as a 24 hour phenomenon, our consciousness, our being, our intentions need to vibrate at the highest level. Accordingly, our thoughts will be created and our actions will flow. Our speech and our behavior will be in sync with our consciousness. So every moment we are either in Heaven or Hell !

It is upto you what you want to do or want to be!!!

Our programs SSY, AMC, BST,  SCOPE camps, One Day Workshops are designed to take you to higher and higher levels of Heaven in this very life and in this very moment.

The Umbrella Habit which we have called the LIYA 1 hour ( RSVK 1 Hour) is nothing but a systemized process of how to reach to the next level of Heaven.

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