Excerpt from the book ‘Thank You Guruji’ by Manoj J Lekhi


I was never a great reader of books and had not read many books in my life, but seeing Guruji’s love and passion to learn more and more I too got infected with this quest.


I remember once we were in an AMC and he asked one of our teachers Sanjay Thakker (lovingly called Sanju by me) to read a book and later asked him to give a synopsis, a gist of the whole book. I don’t remember the name of the book but it was a big fat book.


Sanjay gave a gist of the whole book in half an hour and Guruji was so impressed by his presentation that he praised him a lot.


Then he told all of us that ‘See you don’t have to read every book in the world. Just pick up the best books and give it to various people. Ask them to read and then give a synopsis or gist of it… and you simply receive the knowledge’. This I have imbibed in myself. It’s been 20 years and I continue to do so.


I ask various people to read books and then ask them to send me the synopsis so that I am well aware of what they have read.


I too do the same. Whenever I read a book I underline and mark the important parts with a fluorescent pen and then get it typed and store it in my iPad.

In the iPad I once again highlight the important points which are easily made available to me or anyone for a quick review.


There are millions of wonderful books in the world and we may spend our whole life time but may not be able to finish reading them. So why not have many people read and then write a gist of it and present the synopsis so many can get the best of all the books?


As you read this article make it a habit that whenever you read a book and you find some things wonderful please mark it with a fluorescent pen and get it typed and share it with all your friends and kindly include me too.


We get the best from all the wonderful work done by millions of people in a short span of time and energy. Let’s imbibe all the great qualities, services and inputs from all the wonderful things through this process of effortless delegation and sharing.


Through this episode, he taught me how important, knowledge is & how we can effortlessly imbibe it all if we are creative enough in our ways.


Thank you Guruji for giving me that art of getting the best from all and sharing with everyone in the most effortless way!

Thank you Guruji!