Majority of the people always seem to look outside. When, in actuality, we as people have to change, our thinking patterns have to change, our habit of simply blaming the ‘system’ and ‘others’ have to change. 


It seems there was a gardener who was called upon to inspect a tree that was withering and asked if some kind of fertilizer had to be added to it to improve its health. Looking up at the almost dead tree, the gardener simply bent down and began to dig at its roots. Finding enormous amount of junk cluttering the roots, he removed them and said, “Now it will be fine as it can breathe well again.”


True to his word the tree started blossoming again. Sounds so simple, and that’s how simple our life too is.


Much before we recognize what we want to focus on, or how to go about doing it, it’s easier to recognize what we want do not want and learn to discard it.


Selection by elimination is far easier.


Whatever it may be

whether it is your body where you got to reduced unwanted flab to reveal a more sculpted you, or

whether it is your mind where you got to reduce the unwanted traffic jam to think more clearly, or

whether it is your emotions where you got to stop fuelling your emotions on unwanted direction,

whether it is your futile gossiping with friends that often leads to quarrels and drains your energy,

whether it is your routine work most of which can be delegated to gain time for more important agenda,

whether it is your behavioral patterns, letting go of that fondness for speed and craving for instant result which gets us desperate to being a little more patient,

whether it is giving away those used materials to benefit the less privileged


It is easier to identify what is to be dropped than what is to be gained.


We should periodically stop and ask ourselves this question, “So what do I want to preserve and what do I want to discard?” 


Being aligned spiritually gives you that balance, to be able to decide on what to preserve and what to discard.


This can be achieved only by bringing the habit of sitting in nondoing as part of the common man’s everyday life. Well, we do have a land which observes a day of silence, of no activity whatsoever in a year when they stop and think and be with the self.