How can I thank you?

I have no words to say

But I will do my best to express

You have been my friend

You have been so close to me

In fact, the closest of all….

I sometimes wonder

How you can be so loving

How you can be so caring

In spite of all I have done to you

I have abused you so much

I have tortured you so much

Yet you show so much care for me

I have given you so many poisons, have mistreated you so much

Yet you always take so much care of me

Yet your love towards me never falters

Since 30 years

I have put so many antibiotics into you

I have literally poisoned you

Yet there was  not a single complaint from you

You have always given me signals

To take care of myself

I remember the little fevers

The typhoid, the malaria

The colds, the coughs

The pain here and there

These were all signals to me

These were all your ways of showing your love towards me

These all your ways of removing all the toxins

So much love

So much care

I really wonder

How can I thank you?

All I can say

I am indebted to you all my life

And I promise…

I will take care of you for the rest of my life.

Thank you……

My Body