All of us clean our homes every day, every week, every month and specially during Diwali, we do an extensive cleaning of our homes. What are the steps or levels of cleaning our homes?

 The first, which we do every day, is we dust the house. Second, we sweep the house. Third, we use water and mop to wipe the whole house. Fourth, which we don’t do everyday but in Diwali, when we reach into the nooks and corners and clean every single thing in the house which had not been cleaned as a part of our daily or weekly protocol. Lastly to energize the space and freshen the air we light the lamps and agarbatti to clear the aura and vibrations of the house. Probably light a diya in the temple area.

 So the steps we follow are:

  1.  Dusting
  2.  Sweeping
  3. Mopping
  4. Cleaning every intricate area
  5. Lighting up lamps to clean the air.


 What about our inner house?

 The inner house is our self. We need to do the same process for ourselves. Our actual house is our body. There is not only our physical body but there are five sheaths of our body:

the physical body, the pranic body, the mental body, the intellectual body and the vibrational body. Just as we clean our house, similarly, we need to clean our inner house.

 This physical body is cleansed by consuming proper food in proper quantity and proper diet. All energy enhances with this.

 Subtler than this we have to clean the pranic body which is cleansed through physical exercise, pranayama, yogasanas, but definitely cleaning with breathing properly along with eating right quantity, right amount and the right foods. We also need to further clear the subtler body that is our mind. We get thousands of thoughts. Every thought releases chemicals. Some of stress, some of happiness. All thoughts like blaming, passing the buck, complaining, judging, criticizing, sadness, hurt etc. are the ones we need to clean.

We need to reframe and change these low energy thoughts. Then the cleansing of mental body happens.

 More than the thoughts, subtler is to clean our belief systems which we keep on recycling. Beliefs which are not empowering, not helping us need to be replaced with empowering, elevating thoughts. Beliefs we hold such as: ‘I can’t do this; It’s not possible; I am not proper’ need to be shifted to: ‘Anything is possible; I love myself and everything is possible; I love myself the way I am; life is beautiful and my life is my creation.’

 And subtler than this, is cleansing our aura of consciousness. That is remembering we are 99.9999% energy and only 0.0001% matter. This understanding takes us a long way. If we remember that we are ‘nobodies’, we remain highly energized and we see ourselves clean, because in a ‘nobody consciousness’ there is nothing to clean. Remembering we are primarily energy, not matter is the base of spirituality.

 So just as in Diwali, we light lamps etc we need to clean all our bodies daily, weekly and monthly. So we need to remind our self daily, with the practice of a daily sadhana hour which helps us to remember we are cleaning and living with proper exercise, healthy food, elevating thoughts, empowering beliefs and reminding ourselves we are energy.

 What our intention is and what we are doing is very important. If we have mal-intentions, we create toxins in our body. If we have a helping intention, it will create happy chemicals. So it is not just about cleaning our outer house, it is more about cleaning our inner house too. This is most important. So let’s focus more on our inner cleaning. The outer house can be automatically taken care of, because that is then an expression of our inner state of being.

 Let’s look inward as the outward is a reflection of our inner self. Let’s spend time on ourselves and the outer is taken care of effortlessly.

 A Super Leader focuses on his/her house keeping it clean.