The best thing that’s happened to me

The symbol of love

The symbol of wonder

The   peak of excitement

The epitome of innocence

When she speaks only music flows

When she silent only hearts melt

When she smiles, The world smiles

When she weeps, The world weeps

When she laughs, Trees vibrate

When she dances, Nature dances

Just like the rose flower

Which does not know it s own beauty

Love simply pours out of her being

to whosoever is the passerby


It’s so beautiful to be married

To someone so wonderful

To someone so caring

To someone to touching


Marriage is a great blessing

When you have someone like her

The one who is beyond morality

The one who is beyond possession

The one who is the ‘mother’ of all

The one who is God herself

I am Blessed to have a wife like her!