From the book ‘Super Leader’ By Manoj J Lekhi.


“Hello Happiness!  Will you be my friend?”

This is a common quest made by people for the most sought after emotion in our lives.

Happiness in the everyday lives of people has become a “search” rather than a “feeling.”  A search for happiness in material things, in wealth and  in relationships. Happiness is often linked to outcomes, results, achievements rewards or accomplishments. A good job, more money, better relationships become the reason for happiness.

Before understanding Happiness let us recognize factors leading one to be happy. Happiness is a feeling which is aroused within our body when one encounters certain situations or events. These feelings are produced by certain chemicals in our body, known as : Endorphins, Dopamine,  Serotonin and Oxytocin . These chemicals rush into one’s body and arouse feeling of happiness. When and why are these chemicals released?  The release of these chemicals may be induced by external reasons or because of one’s internal state of being.  There are multiple reasons why one becomes happy. Normally people are happy because of a new car or  a new home or when  one achieves promotions and high results in exams when a person gets his things done or maybe because of some award or accomplishments, and so on. All these happiness that we derive from outside is known as pleasure.

Pleasure and happiness are always considered same.  Both seem to be similar but the sources they come from are diverse. Pleasure is achieved from outside and happiness is derived from within. Both external outcome and internal state of being can evoke happiness.  The former gives pleasure and the latter gives genuine happiness.

An inner state of being in fulfillment or being in a space of un-fulfillment can be the key element for one to be happy.    For example;  If  I get this, I will be happy.  This is conditional happiness which is termed as pleasure.  While, pure happiness comes from , “I am already happy expressing myself in whatever  I do”!  When one is already happy he expresses his happiness in anything he does, be it cooking, sweeping, going for a jog, or playing a guitar or singing. Most people in the world are in search of fulfillment because they are dissatisfied within. Happiness coming from material things or outward situations is just illusory, temporary. It is termed as pleasure.  True happiness is the pure inner joy which resides within us.

Once on his usual roundsthe king saw a man sitting under a tree. The person under the tree was Mulla Nasruddin.The  King greeted him and expressed his search for happiness. Mulla askedthe  king to reward him and he will surely gift him his happiness. The king agreed to give him one lakh of rupees as a reward. The king came the next day to meet Mulla with a bag full of the money he promised to give as a reward if Mulla was going to give him happiness. While walking towards Mulla, suddenly out of nowhere a boy came and snatched the bag from King’s hands and ran away. The King also ran towards the boy and shouted to his  praja “thief thief thief” but couldn’t match the pace of that snatcher boy. He was all heartbroken, upset, irritated and went towards Mulla. He explained to Mulla that the bag contained the reward that he had brought for Mulla but someone stole it and ran away. The King started abusing the snatcher in front of Mulla. The Mulla turned around and from his back side placed the bag in front of the King. When the king saw the bag he brightened  up. He was too thrilled to have the money back. Mulla smiled and said, “ I think you found your Happiness!”

The story highlights how we humans are attached to outward Happiness! It explains that the experience of our happiness appears to be coming from an outer source or event, but the actual happiness is within us.  It is the interaction of our inner thoughts and feelings with the outer situations which creates true happiness and not those external things which brings temporary pleasure

Happiness is an inner state of being.  Inner happiness is joy in its purest  form. This is what I have learnt  from my Master Shree Rishi Prabhakarji. I learnt from the course I did “Science of Silence Yoga” (SSY) the real secret for being happy.  A person is in pure happiness when he is “Happy for No Reason!”.  True happiness is felt when it is linked to “No Reason”!  This arises from being content and fulfilled from within.

A singer who sings for his passion and love for singing finds happiness from it, while a singer on other hand who sings for fame and recognition derives happiness by being dependent on outer elements. Similarly a person who takes up a job for salary depends on money to be happy while the one who takes up a job for his love for it finds happiness internally.

A Super Leader is always sourcing his happiness from within and expresses this happiness outside. He could be a singer, a dancer, a businessman, a politician, a saint or even a sweeper, cook, office boy or a shoe maker. The profession does not matter- the intention with which he is working is what matters!

The main aspect here is how can one achieve the state of happiness without depending on any sources?  How can one be happy internally? Is money essential,? Is the job crucial? Is the family important?  

My Master has beautifully explained that “Life is Not About” having a family / or getting a job / or getting married / or having children / or having money.  “Life is About”   enjoying every moment we live!  Life is about exploring this wondrous world!  Life is about enjoying creating beautiful things!  Life is about enjoying the gift of this birth on mother earth!  Life is about being Happy for No Reason!

HAPPINESS is not a place you search for.

It is a SPACE you are in.

It is not something outside which you can see.

But it is INSIDE you which you feel.

It is not something tangible you can hold or touch.

Happiness is a STATE in which you can be.

It is not something which can be given to you.

Happiness is an EXPERIENCE you can CREATE yourself

Love your life the way it is!  

A Super Leader lives with this understanding,

feels fulfilled within and remains in a permanent state of happiness.

Look within Your Self, and say “HELLO HAPPINESS! You are my Best Friend!”