I am now the Richest

I  receive so much love

Just  from   everyone.


It  may  be  my  friends

It  may  be  my  relatives

It  may  be  my  family

Or  it  may  be  just  anyone.


I  receive so  much  love…

Even  the snakes

Even  the  Monkeys

The  dogs,  cats  just

Just   about every living creature

They  gave  me  so much  love.


Everything  in nature

The sky, the mountains, rivers, trees

They  bestow   so much  love  to me


Today  I  know

I feel  

I  experience  


I  am  the  richest man in the world

The  one  who  is  loved  by  everyone


 every creature

I  am  the  richest man in the universe