An Article from the book ‘Are you a Super Leader?’ by Manoj J Lekhi.


I have been travelling since last 25 years, and I might have stayed with more than a thousand different families of loving meditation practitioners, and I am just penning down some of my observations.


I have noticed that people get disturbed for various reasons:


If it’s too hot they get disturbed. If it’s too cold, they get disturbed. If it is raining too heavily they get disturbed. If it is not raining, they get disturbed. If the helper or the maid doesn’t come to work they get disturbed. If the newspaper, milkman doesn’t come to deliver they get disturbed. If they don’t get their pay cheque on time, they get disturbed. If the customers don’t pay on time, they get disturbed. If the food is not as per their demands, they get disturbed. If there is no salt or there is less salt in the food they get disturbed.


If they are late for a meeting, they get disturbed, If they are too early, they get disturbed. If the bus, train, plane, is not on time they get disturbed, If someone gets in front of them, standing in a queue, they get disturbed. This list can go on and on. There is no end. We find faults or complain about how things are not going the way we want and how it should be done the other way.


How can we go beyond disturbances?


It isn’t that I don’t get disturbed. I also get disturbed but the best part is I have learnt to look at it in a different way. Whenever I get disturbed I have learnt to see it as a message from the universe to me. I am immediately thankful to this existence for giving me an opportunity to grow in my silence, love, compassion. I thank this universal power for giving me an opportunity to become more sensitive and lovable. My alertness and awareness increases in such situations and I start to enjoy this cosmic play.


If I get disturbed in relationships, for example, when I hear that someone has spoken something against me or has criticized me, spoken ill about me, has put me down, or probably even cursed me, I immediately start feeling compassionate towards that person.


Why do I feel compassionate? Because whenever a person is disturbed it is not his fault. He is disturbed because of some deep troubles he or she may have gone through in the past or may be going through in the present and he is unable to see that. It gives me the opportunity to be more in love with that person. It is a beautiful gift from God to me to increase my love for the person.


The disturbance in me shows me my somebodyness. Actually I am a nobody, and I got disturbed because I felt I was somebody (I am a father, husband, teacher, director, doctor etc.). If I get disturbed in the area of health, a cough, or some type of body pain, back pain or a stomach pain etc., I immediately realize I had taken that part for granted and have not passed enough appreciation towards that part. I

immediately thank the universe for giving me an opportunity to be more loving, towards that part which is diseased. Whenever I do so, that part is healed almost instantly and within no time I am perfectly healthy. What a great blessing from God to me.


If I get disturbed in the area of finances; if money is not sufficient for projects I have taken up, I immediately go into silence and thank the universe for giving me an opportunity to be more silent and to see this whole money matter as a cosmic exchange of energy. It has given me an opportunity to give even more of my services towards everyone. When I do so, miraculously all the funds I require just flow in towards the project. Almost all the disturbances in the world can be categorized in these areas of money, health, and relationships. In all the above areas if you become aware, alert, sensitive and start giving silence, love and compassion to that area, the disturbance vanishes. What a great gift to all of us.


Disturbance is nothing but a barometer for ourselves to show that we have gone out of alignment with the universal laws. Every time we are disturbed it means we are in a complaint mode. Let us stop complaining or in other words ‘Stop passing the buck’. Let us take responsibility for our lives.


Observe how nature behaves. It is always loving, forgiving and giving unconditional love to all of us. It is we who have taken it for granted, hence we get disturbed. Our very nature is also of forgiveness, of unconditional love towards everyone. The above awareness comes about only when we get disturbed. These qualities of love, compassion, forgiveness, empathy etc. would not be in existence itself, if we would not get disturbed. So thank disturbance too. Now, from this very moment take a decision, whenever you get disturbed, pick up this article, read it again and again and be a playful person throughout your life. We must thank the universe whenever we get disturbed that it has given us a chance, to be in gratitude for this beautiful cosmic magical play.


A Super Leader uses and channelizes the energy or disturbance towards creativity. He/She learns from the experience and either creates some system or standard operating procedure (SOP) so that it doesn’t occur again or grows inwards, more towards the values of love and compassion.