LiYA Time- Rita Lekhi


Thank you to my Liya practice that has and is changing my inner being day by day,

Into so much thankfulness towards Anything and Everything,
The things that are going well and also all the stuff that goes haywire and topsy turvy.
I’m able to catch the mind instantly if there is any form of complaint.


Even if the mind spirals downwards,
I’m able to bring it out faster than ever,
Because I’m very clear about where I want to direct my energy.
Towards only feeling good, that’s my priority!
And will not waste my energy on anything else.


Liya practice has made me very clear about my choices,

About how I want to feel?
Either feel low, complaining, pity mode and miserable- my choice.
Or feel exuberant, energetic, joyful and grateful- my choice,
Irrespective of the situation.
Thank you Liya.


This is re-carving ourselves,
By every day practice, we are automatically reframing the mind,
The patterns, the subconscious thoughts and re- sculpting a new “YOU”.
Where we can’t help but only see the wonder and miracles in our day and life.