Excerpts from the book ‘Money Wealth Abundance’ by Manoj J Lekhi.


Many times, at the end of every training session, I ask people to donate back to LiYA towards my master’s projects. Some people donate, some don’t. First, let us understand why one must donate.


Let’s take the example of the seed of a tree. When we sow a seed in the earth and keep watering it, it grows into a small shrub and, then, a plant that we need to, again, protect and take care of. For a few years, we take care of it and, gradually, it becomes stronger and stronger till it becomes a fully grown tree. Once the tree is fully grown, it bears flowers, and flowers become fruits and, finally, the fruits also fall on the ground, giving many seeds, and the seeds, once again, going to the earth to bring forth more and more trees.

So what is the nature of the seed? The nature of the seed is to grow into a tree and bear fruits and to bear more and more seeds. This is the very nature of every seed. It is called enrichment. What is enrichment? ‘Enrich’ means ‘explore your potential of richness.’ The seed is potentially rich, and it gets richer day by day. The same goes for you and me. We are very rich, but we see ourselves as poor. Therein lies the problem. You are the seed that is potentially very rich and that will grow richer and richer as you give back to mother earth.


In this context, we have the following affirmation: ‘I look upon donation as my contribution back to the society.’ Yes, we give donation as a return contribution – not only as a contribution but also as an offering to the universe.


The next affirmation we have is as follows: ‘I give back 10% of my income/profit, of which 5% will be to LiYA and 5% will be for others, such as friends, relatives, society, country, world etc.’ Once you declare this and set this as a system in your lives, you will witness life starting to suddenly take miraculous turns in all the areas, not only financially but also health-wise, relationship-wise, happiness-wise and so on and so forth.


Now, a question may arise as to why give back 5% to LiYA. Wherever you learn about living in abundance, it is there that you need to give back 5% so that the message of abundance will reach the whole world. In fact, if we could take this message to even 0.001% of the population, the whole world would be free from all poverty and misery. This is my endeavour through our various programmes.


People do give donations, but from a different consciousness. A person gives a donation with tremendous amounts of ego, with a feeling that he is God and that he is the greatest being in the world, by giving some donation. This is the lowest consciousness of a person.


Another man would give donations, not feeling that he is the greatest but feeling very proud that ‘I’ am giving donation; the ‘I’ is very predominant in this person. That is also a very low level of consciousness to have while giving donations.


A third type of people is the businessmen community; they give donations, but they would want their name to be engraved somewhere and publicised. If they gave a bus as a donation, then they would want their name printed on the bus. If they contributed towards the temple, it is understood that the temple should bear his name. In this manner, they want fame – the publicity of their name, company, etc. in return for their donation.


As a matter of fact, a person of the higher type of consciousness gives donation as a contribution towards the society, knowing that he is part of the society, that he has received a lot from the society and that he needs to contribute back to the society, and so, it is from that angle that he is giving the donation, which is a wonderful gesture. However, in this attitude also, there’s a feeling of ‘I’ giving it back to the society as ‘I’ am a part of the society.


The real and true donation is when a person gives it as an offering to his world, his country, his universe. It is an offering from a part to the whole. It’s an offering from one God to another God.


Why should one donate? One should donate because one feels that others are a part of him, feels that everyone belongs to him and sees God in others – just the way you would give all your things to your child as you feel the child is yours. When you feel the universe is yours, then you give back to the universe. There is no ‘I’ present in this. It’s just a pure offering of love.


You say you love people; if that is true, when you love people, you offer them your tana (body), mana (mind) and dhana (wealth). Offering your dhana is also a very important part of love.


So, I hope that after reading this article, you, too, will begin to contribute and give back at least 10%, of which 5% should be given back to where you learnt about abundance. In this fashion, we can all spread this message to the whole universe. The remaining 5% can be kept aside to be distributed among all the people you interact with in your life.


Live like a king; live in abundance.