Being with God


Once again it’s back again

The same feeling

The same beauty

The same ecstasy.

Yes, now that I know I am alone

Come alone and will go alone

What a gift from God

Can you believe it, it’s just …

It’s just a miracle


Just imagine, if life was certain

It would be the death of creativity

Just imagine, if there was no creativity

Life is already dead


O, God I am so thankful

I am so so so so happy

You have come to me again

I could not even dream of such a thing

That’s my problem

Probably everyone’s problem

it’s impossible

The ecstasy, the bliss is a rare occurrence


But, God you have proved me wrong

You have happened again

Now! I am sure you will

Happen again, and again and again


I love you for being you

O what a delight

O what a delight