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Dharma – Adharma


What  is  Dharma? This is a very interesting question  and can often mislead people.  Different countries have different Dharmas and different cultures have different Dharmas. Different situations will have different Dharma; so, the question that arises is – What Dharma  should  one  follow? Let  us take the example of  two people under contract. If the [...]

Dharma – Adharma2016-05-07T10:15:18+05:30

How to be Effective & Successfull


In Asthang Yoga, as stated by Patanjali, there are eight steps to Yoga, they are Yama, Niyama, Aasana, Pranayam, Pratyahara, Dhar ana, Dhyaan, and Samadhi. Yama deals with how you operate in the world. It pertains to rules bet-ween you and society. For example society brings forth traffic rules, rules for tax payment, rules for [...]

How to be Effective & Successfull2019-06-08T09:30:14+05:30

Do You Really Love yourself?


In many Satsangs I ask this question, “Do you love yourself?” Most of the participants raise their hands in affirmation and say, “Yes, I do.” I ask the question again, “Do you really love yourself?” Again they lift their hands and say, “Yes.” Once again I ask the question, “Do you really, really, truly love [...]

Do You Really Love yourself?2021-09-30T01:24:33+05:30
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