Excerpts from the book ‘Super Leader Startergies!’ by Manoj J Lekhi (Amrut Vivek).


Whenever we visit an exotic resort, we feel wonderful and say, ‘What a beautiful resort!’ When we visit a beautiful temple, we are in awe of it and exclaim, ‘What a beautiful temple.’ The same appreciation goes for any beautiful place that we visit, be it a beautiful home, a village, a city or even a country. But what is it that makes it so beautiful and appealing to us? Whenever we express beauty, what we mean is that the place is very neat, clean and organized.


Why do people appreciate the Western countries so much? It is because of their neatness and cleanliness. In other words, they are very well organized. There is no clutter visible. Everything is in place, spic and span. We usually find that the countries like the U.S.A., Canada, New Zealand or Australia are extremely pleasing and alluring.


This is mostly because they have cleared the clutter on the roads and they have organised their country likewise. They have set processes for garbage collection, separation and disposal. Starting from the house to the streets to the garbage dumps, the same procedure is followed keeping recycling in mind. In Canada, I was told that they recycle almost everything that they collect. This is a fantastic thing. They have really learnt the art of clearing and harnessing the clutter.


Whenever clutter is cleared, a ‘Wow’ feeling comes from within, which is the natural expression of clearing unwanted things. You will get the same feeling when you clear the

clutter within also.


What does clearing the clutter within mean?


Clearing the clutter within happens at many levels. Right from eating the proper food, to exercising regularly. All this counts in feeling good inwardly. Eating the proper food helps you keep your digestive system in check. This will enable you to eliminate harmful toxins from your body. Exercising will help you stay healthy throughout this process of cleansing. Clearing the clutter within leads to cleanliness outwards. Doing the right exercise is actually cleaning the clutter at the pranic level of the body.


Then comes clearing the mind which is extremely important. Having negative or low vibrational thoughts, judgements, complaints, disturbances, etc. will definitely not help us

to remain pure. Meditation proves to be very successful in clearing the clutter in the mind. The more we clear our unwholesome thoughts, the greater we feel about ourselves, and our self-esteem naturally increases. 


The more the clutter cleared from the levels of our mind and intellect level, the more beautiful we feel. We experience clarity and creativity in our ideas. By changing our limiting

beliefs into empowering ones, we will feel the ‘wow’ within us. Inner clearing needs to be done 24*7*365. It needs to happen in a continuous flow. It requires a lot of self-awareness

to clear our belief systems.


We run many workshops to clear the clutter on a day to day, hour to hour, minute to minute, second to second basis. Life is also about clearing the clutter within our thoughts and belief systems. The consciousness of the person who achieves this, is automatically cleared and purified by the continuous inward cleaning. Soon, this inner purity will radiate outwards in all areas of his life. 


One most accessible example of clutter can be the laptop. Ask yourself. Are there tons and tons of desktop icons? Reminders and sticky notes scrawled all across your home screen? This basically depicts our inner turmoil and clutter. Similarly, unanswered e-mails/messages – all mean the same. Let us make it a habit to clear the inbox once in a week. This holds good for all the clutter that we create and face in all areas of our lives.


It is said that if we want to know a restaurant, visit it’s kitchen. How well it is maintained shows how clean the restaurant is. In fact, Diwali is the time when clutter is cleared from homes. Unfortunately, people clean their homes only during this season. We need to clean our inner selves on a continuous basis. Anything that is not required in our lives/homes or not used for 6 months should be discarded.


If we wish to know a person, we should listen to his words and watch his actions. Then, we will know how clutter-free his inner thoughts and beliefs are. My master had a vision that children of our Gurukul should have the ‘Mind of a Scientist and the Heart of an Artist.’ (Gurukul is a place where children study, play, learn all life skills under a Guru. We run a Gurukul each in Vizag, Bangalore and Pune). This means that the child should have the mind of a scientist which is highly logical and the heart of an artist which relies on gut feeling. A combination of both is what creates a beautiful person within and without.


Creation is easy. Maintenance requires a lot of energy. Clearing the clutter is a continuous process. Deletion of the unwanted is as important as creation. Destruction is not destruction as we see it as an opportunity to recreate something new.


After reading this, start clearing the clutter in your house, office, society and all around you. Start by identifying those objects which you don’t require and give them to those who need it and can make the best use of it. Be it food items, vessels, clothes, shoes, CDs, cassettes, books and so on.


Now get into action and take this step towards Super Leadership.


A Super Leader is always cleansing himself/herself from within. This also gets manifested outwards. This is his/her secret of energizing himself/herself and the people around him.