Why Raise one’s own Awareness?

‘Whatever enters the brain, it will process.’

If we put in things in our brain that we want – it will process what we want. If we put things in the brain that we do not want – it will process the same. The first and the oldest brain which is the habitual or the auto-pilot brain called the cerebellum does not know the difference between an event happening outside or an event imagined inside. It means it will release stress hormones when it witnesses a real tiger outside or an imagined tiger also. It takes both as real and only that is processed. It always lives in the present and it has no past or future.


That means all thoughts that come in the third brain or the fore-brain generate a certain feeling (2nd brain) and when the thought and feeling cycle is repeated hundreds of times

it becomes a habit in the first brain (oldest brain) that is the cerebellum or the reptilian brain. Now the whole idea is to catch the thoughts or become aware of the thoughts we get,

specially the low vibration thoughts so we can change them to high vibration thoughts.


How do thoughts come?


When we see, smell, taste, touch or hear something, a thought is created. They enter our body through our five senses. These sense impressions enter through the five pathways,

i.e. Eyes, Nose, Mouth, Skin and Ears respectively. When it enters through these pathways, our nervous system senses these vibrations, sends these signals through our spinal cord

to the brain which processes it and further gives rise to an experience which gives rise to our emotion. The brain processes all these vibrations and gives us the sense of smell, taste, touch, sight or sound.


When we allow entry of the sense impressions that we do not like, the brain processes the same as well. When we allow entry of that we like, the brain processes that. In other words, everything has an impact on the body.


The fragrance we smell can be artifi cial or natural. The natural fragrance has a higher vibration than the chemical one. We can give the body natural nourishment or fast food.

Obviously natural food is healthier. We can see a movie which inspires us or see movies, videos or breaking news which take away our energy or generate feelings of low vibration. Whatever we see on social media or movies will have an impact on our body. It depends on what we choose to see and allow ourselves to see.



Similarly when we hug people sometimes we get huge energy, and sometimes it depletes our energy depending on the vibration of the person. If his intentions are of low vibration you feel your own energy getting sucked. If his intention is pure and unconditional love we see ourselves getting energized. Similarly the music we hear, it can uplift our spirit or bring it down. Rock or heavy metal will have ill effects on the body and soft music or mantras will have a uplifting effect on our body. Now it is our choice whatever we smell, taste, see, touch or hear – we can allow it to elevate us or deplete us. It depends on the choice we make.

How do you make this choice?

We can only make this choice when we are able to see the choice by becoming more and more aware. So we need to be more alert with the food we eat, movies or media we see and the music we hear, the people we mix around with. The more aware, the more alert we are, then we can make a proper choice and make our body live a super healthy and happy life.


A Super Leader makes it a priority to be super aware.