Talking to Your Child while He or She Is Sleeping!

What are Brainwaves?

Electroencephalography (EEG) is the study of the changing electrical potential of the brain. The apparatus used to measure the electric potential of the brain is called an electroencephalograph, and the tracing or the printout of the measured brainwave forms is an electroencephalogram.

Frequency is the number of complete repetitive waves that occur in a given unit of time. Frequency is measured in Hertz (Hz) or cycles per second (cps). According to their frequencies, brain waves are divided into four main groups, also referred to as ‘brain states’.

It is important to mention here that all children below 8 years are by default in the theta frequency level. This level may be obtained by adults only in deep meditation. Children, therefore, are always deeply relaxed, have access to insights and always think creatively, as opposed to most adults. This can be attributed to the enormous grasping capacity of a child, and his memory and retention powers. The icing on the cake is that children go even further when in deep sleep and attain the delta frequencies which are associated with ‘no thinking’ or unconscious/superconscious minds. They have access to the non-physical states of existence, which is key to healing, regeneration and rejuvenation.


Anything that you say to a child, even if he is in his deep sleep, will reach the subconscious memory of the child and the child will come to believe that it is the truth. Using this technique, various bad habits of the child can be stopped, and he can even be cured of certain illnesses. What we would advise is that when the child is going to sleep, or is just falling asleep — the first 10 minutes are very important — speak to the child in the ear in positive present tense about whatever habits you want him to develop or change. I have done this for many years and continue to do so with Vedoci, who is now 11 years old. I have shared it with thousands of parents and all of them have reported fantastic results


“It just works wonders every time. The transition of Yatin, my son, from Mother Toddler to play school became a wonderful experience because of the ‘sleep talk’. During the Mother Toddler class, I was always with him but now, in the playgroup, he is supposed to go alone. It was a big step for me as well as for him. I would ‘sleep talk’ every night just before his playgroup was to start, with ‘You love to go to Rishikul’, ‘You enjoy the time in Rishikul with didis and friends’, ‘You are peaceful and loving’ etc., and to my surprise, when I dropped him to his school, he very happily held the didi’s hand, turned around to bid me good bye and left.”

Annapurna Bhavani Mudunuri, Software Engineer

Experiment: Do this with your child tonight and continue for a few days, and see what happens. Remember to speak in positive present tense.

For example, if the child is not eating properly, you say, “You are eating very healthy food happily and comfortably”. You repeat this about 10 times just after he has gone to sleep and see what happens.

If he does not brush his teeth, do the same, saying, “You brush your teeth happily every day in the morning”.

Following is a testimony by my wife Nina, wherein she shares how this technique works to perfection.

There was a time when my daughter was about ten years old. She was in the hospital for almost a month, and the doctors couldn’t diagnose why her body temperature refused to come down to normal. It was a terrible time of distress for me. I had never been face-to-face with so much illness in my life till that day, be it about myself or about any near and dear ones, in my knowledge.My daughter going through this illness was the toughest time for me. I remember, I used to cry so very much. I would often think that I would collapse or die in the fear of sometimes not knowing where all this would end.However, I kept my faith in the concept of visioning. Every couple of hours I would say to her, ‘Your body temperature is normal; you are healthy and active’, visualising her that way, seeing her that way (even though she was lying in bed, drained out).And this led to a beautiful recovery from the illness — much to the amazement of the doctors! They just kept taking out reports, one after the other, even after the recovery — in utter disbelief and awe. Nina Lekhi (Entrepreneur, Chairman – Baggit)



If the child is running a fever, you tell him ‘Your body temperature is 98.4 F’. You believing in this science is most important. When you do this with conviction, you will find great results.


EEG Brainwave State of Brainwave Sample Frequency Consciousness

Beta 14 – 40 cps Fully awake and alert; generally associated with left-brain thinking activity; conscious mind

Alpha 8 – 13 cps Relaxed, daydreaming; generally associated with right-brain thinking activity; subconscious mind, a key state for ‘relaxation’

Theta 4 – 7 cps Deeply relaxed, dreaming; generally associated with right-brain thinking activity; deeper subconscious to super conscious minds, access to insights, bursts of creative ideas, a key state for ‘reality creation’ through vivid imagery

Delta 0.5 – 3.5 cps Dreamless; generally associated with no thinking; unconscious/super conscious minds, access to non- physical states of existence, a key state for ‘healing, regeneration and rejuvenation’

Source: Learning Revolution

Gordon Dryden & Jeannette