Unfolding Miracles_Magic of Gratitude _Ved Lekhi

MAGIC OF GRATITUDE ! …. Unfolding miracles !
A unique one day seminar specially designed to take us deeper into our inward and outward journey by exploring and discovering ourselves through this ‘bhava’ of GRATEFULNESS !

WHAT ? (What is the program about ?)

The Seminar consists of 3 sessions where you experience inner actualization leading to 3 outcomes.

1) Release of blockages :-

• Unblock your energy

• Release yourself from memories

• Free yourself from mindsets

• Agree with life

• Go with the flow of happenings

• Quiet your mind

• Open your heart !

2) Filling yourself with ‘prana’ :-

• Dissolve your fears

• Bring about a meaningful change

• Experience a life rich in gratitude and inspiration

• Open up a universe of possibilities

• Be who you are !

3) Being a power-house of energy :-

• Be 100% responsible for happenings inside and outside of you

• Live freely, fully and passionately

• Attract people, events and ideas that resonate with your inner desires

• Transform your aspirations into reality

• Live your dream !


Through meditation, “being with yourself “ sessions, group sharing and insightful talks and audio-visual presentations a transformation in our outlook and approach of life situations is experienced.

WHY ? – (Benefit of this program)

* Cleanse your soul and create space for wonderful things to come your way

* Embrace inspiration and invite creativity

* Tap your intuition

* Discover your inner strength

* Attract abundance

* Manifest your vision

*Experience exponential growth in ALL areas of your life

* Live a life full of pure joy

Mr Manoj Lekhi will conduct and guide the day’s session through presentations, processes and interactions.

He is a truth seeker at heart and is a friend, Spiritual Guide and Consciousness Coach to thousands.

He will be sharing his deep insights on the ‘bhava’ of GRATITUDE which is the essence of success, happiness and abundance in all areas of life!
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/manojjlekhissy
Twitter : https://twitter.com/ManojSSY
Website :https://manojlekhi.in/
Contact: 9029980847, 8655422770

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