What is true love?

What is pure love?

What is love itself?

When you love without conditions – then you just love, for the sake of love, for the purity of love, for the love of love, that is – ‘True Love’.

1. Loving without condition

The giver gives and gives all the time. This is pure love. A love without conditions, without a motive is pure and true love.

 2. Love comes in all hues

There are different kinds of love and relationships.

3. Love that doesn’t possess

When a man and a woman love each other without possessiveness, without saying that ‘You are mine and I am yours’, without binding to duties, conditions and expectations, you love just because you love.

4. Love is Gratitude

When you are able to deal with a child having this attitude you love him to your 100%. Whether the child is there or not there, yet you love him, there exists tremendous acceptance of the other.

The same applies in your relationship with parents and between couples.

Let us be grateful; for what they have done for us. In that gratefulness lies our love towards them, they have played their part to the best.

In our gratitude towards them is our freedom.

5. Love beyond your near and dear ones

We also experience love towards society and the world. This love in action is what we call service or seva. The person who is extremely joyful, free and happy with his life, will naturally express his love in society through seva (action) in any form.

A Super Leader always showers ‘True Love’ that’s rooted in non-conditionality, non-possessiveness and gratitude.

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