An Article from the book ‘Thank You Guruji’ by Manoj J Lekhi.


Men’s BST at Dehri

It was in the early 90’s when Guruji announced once again a separate BST for MEN & WOMEN.


Earlier Guruji used to conduct BST programs but had stopped it for few years as he said he did not know how to channelize the energies that time .


Once he got the idea of how to do, so he re announced BST and I was fortunate to be a part of the 1st Only MEN BST at Dehri Ashram .We were about 20 plus students and each day which passed by, there was a new revelation of newer, higher and higher truths. Truths which I was discovering of myself!


Guruji would just probe and poke us to be more and more truthful to our own selves and gradually as the truth revealed, my energy soared higher and higher. I felt like I was flying in the air!


Guruji encouraged us to play the game ‘Truth or Dare’ among ourselves. It was the last day of the program and I remember all of us went out and played this game.

I actually jumped from a huge tree of great height fearlessly. If one would ask me today to do the same, I don’t think I would dare to do so. Such was the energy of being in truth!

Very simply Guruji would put across questions which would bring forth the truth within us and it would enable us to look deeper and deeper within and start digging into our own selves .


In fact this was the time when the cassette BLESSING EVERYONE was recorded and has turned out to be one of the many great discourses given by Guruji.


In this BST, he taught me and all of us how to be truthful to our selves and stop the buck!

No matter what happens in our life at every moment stop the buck… stop the buck… stop the buck!


Though this was the greatest lesson which was given in SSY but it got engraved within me in those 4 days. The one statement ‘Stop the buck’ is the most powerful message.


I urge you the reader, to do the same. Take the total responsibility of your life. Everything good or bad which has happened in your life. I have applied this in my entire post – SSY life and reaped the rewards.

Thank you Guruji!