A teacher in a Primary School, asked her students to write an essay ..The topic was ” What would you wish for God to make you”


This essay, got the teacher so emotional, that she went home clutching the essay , in tears.

When the husband asked her the reason for her tears, she handed him the essay to read saying that it had been written by one of her students “.

This is what the essay was…

Dear God,


Make me into a TVbecause then i shall find a special place within my familyand without being stopped, or questioned, I shall be heard and looked at.

Every time when something goes wrong with me, there shall be great concern, and everyone would want to desperately get me to be well again

My Mother and my Father really do not have any time other than their School and Office work but when I shall be ‘unwell’, my Mother shall immediately send her School peon and my Father his Office Staff, to get me well again asap.



My Grandfather shall phone my Father, to get the Tv fixed and put in order immediatelybecause my Grandmothers favorite serial is about to start. My Sister too shall continuously fight to remain with me.My brother too, when he returns from office, tired and exhausted, shall spend time with me.


I feel that each member of my family would definitely want to spend some of their time with me. I shall be able to see at times, tears of pain and happiness, in their eyes spiritual

Today this ‘school going child’ has become a machine, Study in School, home work at home, and then tuition upon tuition neither do I get time to play or to go on picnics. That is why dear God, I only wish to live like a Tv set. At least then I shall get an opportunity to spend my invaluable time, with all the members of my family!!! 

The husband read this essay with great interest and then gave his opinion OhGod! How ruthless must be the Mother and Father of this student!! 

The wife, with tender compassionate eyes, looked up at her Husband, and said

“This essay has been written by our Son !!”