Excerpts from the book ‘Are you a Super Leader?’ by Manoj J Lekhi (Amrut Vivek).


With a passion for adventure and trekking, we had once gone for a 10-day camp with a bunch of 35 enthusiastic kids from our school, to discover something novel. We had decided to try certain adventurous activities together such as skiing, river-crossing and rappelling. While doing these activities we not only learnt different techniques and skills but some important life lessons too. I felt an intriguing connect to these activities.


Our journey started with river-crossing. Our guide Illam sir gave us various instructions and all of us obediently followed him. He simply said ‘While holding the rope and crossing the river, don’t look down. Look straight ahead towards the

mountains and move your feet side by side’. We all followed the exact commands he gave us, with our thorough attention and discipline. We moved ahead effortlessly.


We then started with rappelling, where we had to rappel (climb down) a big huge boulder. Once again our guide directed us to keep our legs straight, not to bend our knees and rappel down with our face turned upward looking up toward the sky. It was the bluest sky we experienced that day. Again we did this simply and effortlessly. 


Progressing from river-crossing and rappelling we ventured into the most exhilarating one skiing. Once you put on your skis all you have to do is, sit like you are sitting on a chair, that is bend your knees and look forward. This too was done

with simple ease. 


While doing all this I found something very interesting, I noticed that if I looked down I would fall while if I look straight ahead, the activity became smooth and easy. If we look down, it is human behaviour to get scared and that fear itself will make us tumble on our own feet. 


At this point an interesting thought crossed my mind – It’s the same in life too. This principle was not only experienced by me, but by all the people who were part of this. When we are always looking down, we keep tumbling; when we look forward, we can move with greater ease, comfort and grace. 


Life always brings one into a situation as tough as rappelling or river-crossing or skiing, but one has to keep looking ahead and move forward without getting scared or fearful and one will be able to overcome that situation effortlessly. You will find your fears dissolving.


95-5 Principle

Based on this, one of the philosophies that we devised (and we personally follow) is the 95-5 PRINCIPLE (that you will find in detail in a following chapter).


Utilize 95% of your energy on what you want and use 5% energy on the actual situation. Utilize 95% of your energy to focus on what you want to create and use 5% of your energy to be with the facts. Most of the people do the exact reverse of this formula. They tend to put most of the energy where they are, what they are and this raises self-doubts and they fail to create what they want. Travels, adventure and life are the elements that teach us to move ahead carefree and excited and help us to find ourselves. Every experience that we learn through our travels, teaches us lifelong lessons. When we keep looking down we are going to fall, in the same way, when we keep looking down into our issues we are going to fall deeper and deeper inside the hole.


When we look down life becomes dull, boring, nonenergetic, depressing, lonely, frustrating and a long tedious process. While when we look forward, we rise above all the difficulties, blocks and situations. This is something which I have also learnt from my master, when people live their life looking forward and straight ahead, they live their life in the real sense with zeal and eagerness, which is the key to live

your life smoothly and effortlessly. Spend only 5% of your energy on low vibration thoughts just to know and become aware of where you are. Focus 95% of your energy on your high vibration feelings.


Virtue of Perseverance

Life and travels have many parallels. We need to risk ourselves, learn new things, make mistakes and grow into a person with a whole new experience. A Super Leader is always looking ahead – looking forward. Looking at what is next. He may often fall but eventually he moves ahead. Always experimenting, learning and moving on. Life is full of creating memories, dreaming, enjoying, aspiring and much more. It is okay to fall down, but what matters is how quickly and how fast you get up and start moving ahead once again. There are some fears which we may face and when we face them it is a human tendency to get scared, but one needs to look forward and start walking the path once again.


Hurdles in everyday life are like oscillating human emotions which one can overcome with awareness. If we can master our senses and catch our patterns, any issue cannot stop us from looking forward. Look ahead and move forward step by step without being attached to the outcome. ‘It must happen and – why is it not happening?’ Rise above these mental blocks. Enjoy the process and the journey forward. We don’t stop dreaming even if we don’t achieve our decided goal. That’s perseverance. It also includes remembering that the journey is important – not the destination.


Scientifically our frontal lobe (3rd brain) gives us the permission to:

Hold on to a dream, concept, idea, vision, etc:

  • Independent from the feedback we receive from the body.
  • Independent from the feedback we receive from the environment.
  • Independent from the feedback we receive from time.
  • Independent from the circumstances which exist in the body, environment and time.

– Dr. Joe Dispenza


This is the speciality of a human life. Continue visualizing and creating memories and dreaming. Set your goals and make new habits. The process is important, not the goal. Live your life to the fullest with enthusiasm and excitement. Looking forward keeps you excited and makes your life beautiful.


A Super Leader knows how to be oriented to the future rather than present while fully knowing that the journey is more important than the destination.