What is life there for?

It’s just an opportunity

An opportunity to see greatness

                        Experience the greatness

                           Feel the greatness                   

                                In everything

                                In everyone

                                In all that is present


Seeing the greatness in everyone

                                     Is an art

                                     Is a knack

                                     Is the most beautiful phenomena in the world


          What is life there for?

                  Only to see the greatness in everyone.

                  Each person has infinite qualities

                  Each person has some divine qualities

                                                           Which I don’t have

           So it’s so simple   

           Just focus only on that quality

           Just focus only on that area

                    And you have found greatness in that person


            Experiencing that greatness

                                     Is all there is

           Experiencing that greatness

                                Speaks more about you


           Experiencing that greatness

                                Will make you very rich

           The more you see greatness

                                The richer you get

          Oh what a wonderful world

          Oh what a opportunity

                      to see greatness

                      to feel greatness

                      to experience greatness