“Gratitude means being thankful… no matter what!” By Manoj J Lekhi


What do we write under Gratitude?

Vibrating in the 80 to 100 spectrum by being in gratitude.


Gratitude means being thankful for everything that happens in our life, if it is something which goes according to us or even if it is something that does not go according to us.


If we can be thankful in advance of an event, and create that event in our mind, then that actual experience will come as an attraction towards us, as a manifestation of our creation. It’s very important to acknowledge and be thankful for the whole day. And then we write about it .


You can think on the lines in the few categories mentioned below:


  • Ask yourself a few questions!
  • To which people we are in gratitude today.
  • In what material comforts you received you are in gratitude towards in the day.
  • In the day how many material resources you used which you can be thankful for in during the day.
  • How much technology we used so we can be thankful for during the day.
  • How we can be thankful for the nature itself.


Now, we must keep the list of all the possible things you can think of being in gratitude for. It will keep your energy level from 80 to 100 spectrum- joyfulness, blissfulness and godliness.


This is the starting point of all creation & manifestation.

If you want to attract wealth, be in the state of 80 to 100 & then that is the starting point of attracting Abundance.