Excerpts from the book ‘Ask and It’s Given’ By Esther and Jerry Hicks.


Allow your Feelings

To Be Your Guide

Your emotions let you know how much Source Energy you are summoning in this moment by virtue of the desire you hold in this moment. They also let you know whether your preponderance of the subject matches your desire, or matches the absence of your desire. For example, a feeling of passion or enthusiasm indicates that there is a very strong desire focused in the moment; a feeling of rage or revenge also indicates that there is a very strong desire; however, a feeling of lethargy or boredom indicates very y little focused desire in the moment.

When you really, really want something, and you are thinking about your desire and feeling pleasure from the thought, your thought vibration is now in alignment with your desire—and current from your Source is flowing through you toward your intended desire with no restriction or resistance. We call that allowing But when you really, really want something and are feeling anger or fear or disappointment, that means you are focused upon the opposite of your desire, and in doing so, you are introducing another non-matching vibration to the mix and degree of negative emotion that you are now experiencing indicates the degree of your resistance to your receiving of your desire.

Learn to Pay Attention to Your Feelings

When emotions are strong-whether they feel good or bad- your desire is strong. When emotions are weak, your desire is not so strong.

An Empty Feeling Is Telling

You Something Important

When the fuel gauge on your vehicle indicates that the tank is empty, you do not criticize the indicator. You receive the information that it has offered you, and you do something about adding more fuel to your tank. Similarly, a negative feeling is an indicator that your current choice of thoughts has you offering a vibration that is so out of harmony with your Source Energy that you are currently disallowing your full connection to that Energy Stream. (You could say your tank is approaching empty.)