In many satsangs we ask this question, ‘Do you love yourself?’

Most of the participants raise their hands in affirmation and say, ‘Yes, I do.’ We ask the question again, ‘Do you really love yourself?’ They again raise their hands and say, ‘Yes.’ We once again ask the question, ‘Do you really, truly love yourself?’ Then people start thinking and wonder if there is something more to it.


The next question we ask is, ‘If you love someone, would you poison them?’ The obvious answer is ‘No.’ Then I say, ‘If you raise your hands in affirmation that you love yourself, would you consume poison?’ The answer is ‘Of course, not’.


We say ‘No, we don’t’. Yet, we unknowingly, poison ourselves day in and day out. Every time we complain about the world, we add poison to our bodies. Every time one has a fi ght with one’s spouse one adds poison to one’s body. Every time we have a fi ght with our father, mother, sister, brother or child, we add poison to our bodies. Every time we complain about how the world functions, the government functions, the society thinks; we add poison to our bodies. Every time we shout at our staff, employees, or curse our boss we add deadly poison to our systems. This poison keeps on growing and growing and gradually becomes cancerous and shows up on the body in various ways like Ulcers, Diabetes, Arthritis, Cholesterol, Heart attacks, Cancer and Aids. If we really love ourselves, how can we poison our body?


A Super Leader is a person who has realized that the outer experience is just a manifestation of his/her inner state of being. A Super Leader loves himself/herself unconditionally first and expresses this love to whomsoever around.


To share my experience, even I used to add lots and lots of poison into my body, but 27 years back when I met Guruji he gave me a simple mantra: ‘Once in two months you come for Advance Meditation Course, and see what happens to you.’ I blindly followed what he said and continued to do so. In just two years all the poison started disappearing.


We ask you, the reader, ‘Do you really love yourself?’ If your answer is ‘Yes,’ then you will automatically make silence (being undisturbed) your priority, make sadhana (practice of silence) your priority, make Advanced Meditation Camps/SCOPE camps your priority.


We don’t need to convince anyone. If he really loves himself, he will go ahead and dive in to sadhana. Most of us just claim that we love ourselves, but in the true sense we do not love ourselves. We just love external things and illusorily believe that we love ourselves. If you are intelligent, you will love yourself.


Our next question to you is, ‘Are you intelligent? Do you really, really, really love yourself?’ Think about it.


A Super Leader has found the answer to this questions. He/ She proves his/her love to himself/herself by not poisoning his/her body, mind and soul.