Excerpts from the book ‘Super Leader Strategies’ by Manoj J Lekhi.


Every thing around us is actually magical.


Imagine that a few centuries ago there was no electricity. Today we just put on a button and something lights up and takes darkness away. Isn’t it magical?


We put on another button and this instrument revolving on the ceiling starts taking the heat away. Isn’t it magical?


We turn a key and a machine starts moving to take us from one place to another. Isn’t it magical? Few years back, we learnt to insert a paper in a machine at one end of the world

and it is received printed in another end of the world. Isn’t it magical?


We type some matter at our end and it reaches another place through a computer. More magic.


Today with Facebook, Twitter and other social media, everything we type has world-wide reach. If not magic, what else can it be?


If we simply turn around the way we look at things, everything will appear to be magic – trains, buses, aeroplanes, computers, cameras, refrigerators, washing machines, gas

stoves, everything is nothing but magic.


Wherever we go and look around us, at nature too, we will see more and more magic.


If we walk along the river bank in the countryside, we will find thousands of shapes of stones, all cut, shaped, chiseled by the flowing water. Isn’t it magical?


If we walk around the meadows we see hundreds of shades of green – olive green, emerald green, jade green, sea green, dark green, lime green, an innumerable variety of hues. More and more magic.


When we walk around the mountains, we come across different types of terrain, shapes, sizes, topographies. Simply magical. Numerous varieties of creatures, animals, birds,

insects inhabit our world. Any where we lay ourselves down on Earth, we fi nd dozens of insects crawling on the ground. Pure magic.


I have been travelling since the past 30 years and have observed different types of cultures, different types of people, different natures of people, different ways of thinking, dozens of languages in the same one world. Amazing variety. Nothing short of magic.


If we look at our body, it is a magical machine with the brain, nervous system, cells, muscles, organs functioning in perfect sync. Millions of nerves sensing messages, millions of cells being destroyed and re-created every second, the heart pumping blood every moment, lungs breathing on their own, liver, gall bladder, stomach all operating on their own, our entire body is magical.


So much magic around us and we fi nd ourselves grumbling that we are bored. We have nothing to do. Life is difficult. Life is boring. We complain continuously about life. All we have to do is look around and we will find the magic everywhere, in technology, in nature and in our own bodies too.


Nothing less than magic, magic and magic. Life is full of magic. All we have to do is start wearing new spectacles and be an observer of this magic and more magic will start flowing in our life.


Magic of health.

Magic of wealth.

Magic of relationships.


Magic of ample of time for our ownselves simply starts happening when we adapt our eyes to see magic. Let us open our eyes to this magical world.


A Super Leader chooses to create magic by seeing magic everywhere.