Excerpt from the book ‘Money Wealth Abundance by Manoj J Lekhi.


In the previous chapter, you learnt how to invest in yourself and your team.


An important question to be asked is, “How come some people use their money very easily to spend on and invest in themselves and their team?”


There is a second category of people who ponder a while before investing, and may or may not invest. A third category consists of people who never spend any money in this area. The third type of person finds it very difficult to spend, and pinches pennies. One of the main reasons for this is that they never set aside the budget for these kinds of expenses.


Once we learn about budgeting, it becomes very easy to expend (invest) our money in any area. When we don’t budget our expenses, we feel the pinch; every expense, then, appears to be an expense out of our earning or profit.


When we plan a budget in advance, we have, in a way, already declared that we are setting aside this much money for this particular purpose.


Budgeting helps us to plan in advance as to where and for what we want to spend. Many times we do set budgets for certain fixed expenses like electricity bills, phone bills, salary payments etc. A few areas are often missed while budgeting.


Some of the key areas which we forget and do not become aware of are discussed in the following paragraphs.


  1. R&D (Research and Development)


This area is never given much importance, especially, in small and medium enterprises, but this forms the base of growth; if we keep a certain percentage of our money towards this, that particular enterprise of ours will start showing signs of tremendous growth very easily.


  1. Another area is HRM (Human Resource




This area is often neglected in small and medium enterprises, but in higher and bigger organization setups, they do have a well-established HR department.

However, most of the time, the main function of the HR department is to hire and fire the employees. They spend their time and energy in maintaining all their records: leave records, Diwali bonuses etc. They also have a budget set aside to be spent on the sharpening of the personnel’s skills (IQ – intelligence quotient). They keep aside a budget for spending on entertainment programmes, movies, cricket matches, annual days, fun events, dinner parties etc. This is practiced more to keep people happy than for any particular purpose. This is the normal set pattern adopted by companies to keep their employees happy.


However, this is a very superficial way to go about it, and this takes care of their happiness quotient only for a few moments. The next day, the employees are back, once again, complaining and cursing their setup. This is how the world works, as a general rule. The world works more on a superficial level, and it never investigates and reworks the roots. If we have a cough, we just pop in a medicine pill and let the pain in the throat disappear, but we don’t bother to go to the root of the problem in order to identify the source of pain and wipe it out.


Similarly, here, we don’t budget and spend our money on the cause of the problem. The problem is not that the people are just entertained outside, but the problem is that the people are not satisfied with life itself. Rejuvenating their spirit is the correct way to keep them in real happiness.


If we budget and spend on the third and the most important aspect, which is the ‘spirit’, then it would be just great!


  1. The third area, as discussed, is the HR or Human Rejuvenation – the ‘spirit of keeping them happy for no reason.’ Spend your money on the real happiness quotient for the person, that is, his spirit. We know that happiness is within, but we have never been blessed with all the possible opportunities or know-how to access that happiness directly.


This is exactly where the main role of the HR department should lie – in creating an atmosphere of love, silence and happiness amongst the people through these programmes.


This is what happened in my wife Nina’s company, ‘Baggit’, where all the 500 people working with her experience this on a daily, ongoing basis. The factory is closed once in six months, when all of them go and experience togetherness twice in a year in a residential retreat, meditating and playing in the lap of nature. As for the rest of the year, the executives keep going for the retreat every three months; all this is budgeted at the beginning of the year itself.


This is the beauty of budgeting. Once we budget the expenses, we have declared that we are going to set aside a particular amount for a particular purpose. The company, naturally, will grow. However, budgeting for and in the right areas is extremely important, and the main area is Human Rejuvenation.


  1. Enrichment or Donations is the fourth area that we don’t budget. Usually, it is not even taken into consideration while budgeting. I have been suggesting to the people generally and through the Bi Program to set aside at least 10 percent of their income for giving back to the society. We suggest that 5 percent should be given back to LiYA who is teaching them about abundance and 5 percent to their society, neighbors, friends, country etc.


Once you set this aside and declare to yourself, “Yes! I am going to give back”, then that is the starting point of abundance. You are giving back to your society.


Naturally, the society and the people receiving it will bless you 100 percent, and this blessing is what takes your product, service or organization to the next level of abundance. Thus starts a positive upward spiral; the more one shares, the more one experiences abundance, which, again, brings about more of sharing and more of abundance, there by setting in motion this wonderful upward spiral.


So, to start living in abundance, one of the steps one must take is to start budgeting in these areas: the HR, R&D and Donations.


You can use the following affirmation for the same:


‘All my investments (expenses) are budgeted well in advance.’ I welcome you into the world of abundance through the process of budgeting. Budgeting, in other words, is planning well in advance. Everything in the world happens according to a well-laid-out plan and budgeting is one of the processes in line with this principle.


Budgeting is, actually, declaring in advance your wish and intention to spend for a particular purpose. Budgeting is, starting with the end in your mind. In other words, you are setting up a goal or vision about how you wish to spend your money, in advance. By investing in the happiness of your team and through donations to others, you are actually saying ‘Thank you’ in advance, before spending your money.


The vibrations sent out by you are very positive, so you get back exactly what you gave out. In the case of the above four areas, particularly, this is a very healthy and positive intention.


So, while you are reading this article, take out your pen and start budgeting your funds, taking into consideration the above areas!


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