Left Brain and Right Brain


Left Brain and Right Brain Excerpts from the book ‘Your Child is Your Parent’ by Manoj J Lekhi.   Most people in the world operate mainly from the left brain. Their life is only about thinking, calculating and analysing. However, the real springs of life lie in spontaneity, love andall expressions of creativity like dance, [...]

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Sometimes  I  feel  an  explosion  of  Love So  much In  fact  so  much Sometimes  its  also  scary If  I   were  to  express   myself To  that  person It  would  probably  very  difficult For   the  receiver. Then  suddenly   its  gone Sometimes I  get  confused  too So  much  Love  and than  sometimes  no  feelings One  thing   is   for [...]


Breaking your habits of being yourself


Excerpts taken from the book ‘Breaking your habits of being yourself’ by Dr. Joe Dispenza   Your brain is involved in everything you do, including how you think, how you feel, how you act, and how well you get along with other people. It’s the organ of personality, character, intelligence, and every decision you make. [...]

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Just Let Go – Video Introduction


ANGER                                            DISTURBANCE FRUSTRATION                                                REVENGE GOOD                [...]

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What’s Your Range of Happiness?


WHAT'S YOUR RANGE OF HAPPINESS? By Manoj J Lekhi You can raise your “Range of Happiness” Life is a journey into the unknown. Unknown is an adventure. Adventure gives you thrill! When you don’t know what’s happening in the next ball in cricket, you are thrilled! When you don’t know what’s happening in the [...]

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Self Love Experience


Why can’t we forgive others? It is because we have not forgiven ourselves.   Why is it difficult to appreciate other people? It is because we have not appreciated ourselves.   Why don’t we love people unconditionally? It is because we have not loved ourselves unconditionally.   Why do we find faults with people? [...]

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Mind Your Health and Weight – Video Introduction


MIND YOUR HEALTH & WEIGHT ! HEALTH IS WEALTH Our Health depends on several factors like food, air, water, sunlight, environment, personal habits, mental patterns, emotional temperament, inter-personal relationships and many more. A well balanced combination of all the 5 areas of Body, Prana, Mind, Intellect and Consciousness leads to energetic and vibrant HEALTH!. HEALTH is a [...]

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Emotion: The Body’s Reaction to Your Mind


Excerpt from the book ‘The Power of Now’ by Eckhart Tolle (chapter 1).   For example, an attack thought or a hostile thought will create a build-up of energy in the body that we call anger .The body is getting ready to fight .The thought that you are being threatened, physically or psychologically, causes the physical [...]

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MOG – Introduction


 MAGIC OF GRATITUDE ! …. Unfolding miracles ! A unique one day seminar specially designed to take us deeper into our inward and outward journey by exploring and discovering ourselves through this ‘bhava’ of GRATEFULNESS ! Benefits of this program: * Cleanse your soul and create space for wonderful things to come your way * [...]

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