5 Steps for Getting up Early

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      By Manoj J Lekhi

It has been my dream to get up early in the morning ever since I can remember. In school I had a big big problem in getting up early.  I used to be a late riser at 9-9.30 am.   This continued until I did the SSY course.,  It subsequently reduced till about 7-7.30am, but I always held a dream to get up at 6 am in the morning.  I had so many beliefs, misconceptions, limiting beliefs, that I could just not get up early – if I sleep late I cannot get up, if I eat heavy I cannot get up and n amount of such mindsets and excuses and reasons would flood my mind. Even then I still held my dream to wake up at 6 am.

One day I saw a video by Robin Sharma   He spoke about the 5am club. I had already understood the technique about making and breaking our habits, I was able to reduce my sleep hours till about6.30-6.45am.  But getting up at 5am seemed to give me a big kick.  When I started this process, he suggested to do it for 66 days and see what happens.

I decided to take up his suggestion.  So I dropped all my limiting beliefs for 66 days - if I get up early, I will get dark circles, if I get up early I will feel lethargic all day, and umpteen such beliefs  which, I had borrowed  from people.  So that is how after 50 years of my life I started getting up 5am! Easily, naturally! And ever since its been a year now.  My waking up time is 5am effortlessly and naturally.  People around me are surprised that a person who was a late riser few years back has now become an early riser ! But I wake up happily, energetically and continue with my regular routine every day!

Here are the 5 steps to get up early:

Step # 1  Change your Belief

The first one is of course remove the belief system that I cannot get up, to I am getting up at such n such time.  Remove that belief system and write an affirmation for what time you wish to get up –

Affirmation, I am getting up effortlessly, naturally at this particular time.

As you are reading this,  pause and write it down.

Step # 2  Talk to your body before sleeping

Write down the time you want to get up at 5 am or 6 am or at whatever time you wish to get up. Tell your mind, this is the time, write it down as I told you, and before sleeping you speak to your brain happily telling yourself – I am getting up at such n such time effortlessly and naturally in the morning.  This statement you have to say to yourself  before you sleep at night.  Just sit down in your bed, close your eyes, breathe deep and say this.

And ofcourse like I said, you speak it loudly to your mind.  Just say, Thank you thank you thank you, I am getting up at 5 am in the morning effortlessly and naturally and full of energy !

Step # 3 Set an alarm 

Set the alarm at whatever time you want, and wake up when it rings.

Step # 4  Place the Alarm Clock far away 

Put the alarm clock far away from your bed so when you get up in the morning, you have to walk towards the alarm.  It can be placed in the next room also.  As long as you wake up and your body gets up and you start walking towards it , 50% of your work is done to set your habit of getting up early.

 Step # 5  Wash your face

The fifth one is very important.  When you put off the alarm,  straight go to the washroom, and just have a nice beautiful wash of your face.

Now, remember these 5 steps :

Step No.1 Remove the belief system

Step No. 2 Talk to your body before sleeping

Step No. 3 Set the alarm

Step No. 4 Put the alarm clock far away and

Step No. 5 after putting off the alarm, go and wash your face.

After following this, you will notice a huge difference.

Always write to us if you get the benefit, I am sure you will get the benefit.

Thank you very much!