By Manoj J Lekhi



What moves the car? 

It’s the fuel that moves the car.


Who starts and controls the car?

It’s the driver. 


How does the driver find his route to his destination? 

The  GPRS  gives him the perfect direction. 


Who gives the destination (where to go)  to the driver? 

The owner of the car! 


In other words the owner of the car has a total  say in the movement of the car. 

Our body, is just like a car! 

Our prana is like the fuel for the car!

Our mind is like the driver of the car! 

Our intellect is like the GPRS of the car! 

The Intellect  or GPRS is what gives the direction. 

The intellect gives the direction to the mind.

The mind is a combination of the 3 brains. 

All thoughts which we get, constitute the mind. 


The owner of the car gives his instruction of the destination- 


Who is the owner of our body? 

We (the 50 trillion cells) are the owner of the body (in other words Vibration or Consciousness or Awareness). 

Our Action (behaviour) comes from our words we speak which comes from our thoughts we think  , which comes from our belief system we have developed (repeated thought-feeling cycle). 


So our belief system is created by us only.  

To catch our beliefs, we need to catch our thoughts!

To catch our thoughts, we need to  be AWARE. 

So our AWARENESS has a total say in our bodily behaviour. 


So if we become more and more aware and increase our awareness, then we have total control and mastery over the vehicle which we call as our BODY! 


In other words  we have total control and mastery over our life ! 

We have given you hundreds of tools for increasing your Awareness. 

If we do the SCOPE CAMPS or ONE DAY WORKSHOPS – once every month  we are sure to become super aware! 


We have the potential to be Magicians in our Magical world!  

Let’s dedicate our life for INNER SADHANA which will bring forth our dreams in the outer world. 


Give lots of emphasis on your LIYA ONE HOUR  with lots of sincerity and watch the miracle which unfolds in your life.