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WEIGHT & HEALTH are state of complete physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual well-being.

Normally, we think of “Weight Loss’”, we focus mainly on food and exercise i.e. diet and physical fitness. Most programs target your eating and physical habits.

Our Health depends on several factors like food, air, water, sunlight, environment, personal habits, mental patterns, emotional temperament, inter-personal relationships and many more.

By focusing on All the 5 koshas, the WEIGHT plan covers all aspects of food, exercise, thoughts, intellect, beliefs, feelings, vision, consciousness, and vibrations which leads to energetic and vibrant HEALTH!

This workshop is specially designed to achieve immense Happiness through high-powered, dynamic and vibrant Health along with a radiant mind and glowing spirit.


Key Highlights:

  • Learn how to change the Beliefs about Food
  • Learn an easy, natural, effortless method to attain Ideal Weight
  • No drastic food or exercise changes
  • manage all the 5 aspects of Health Effortlessly

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