power of consistency

A Little Everday = SUCCESS

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Date: 6-Jun-21, Sunday


Language: English


Manoj J Lekhi

Consciousness Coach | Educationist | Author

Life is about taking the long route consistently with perseverance!

Do you Know, Discipline in every day life means to consistently follow the particular code of conduct!


Are you focused, action-oriented or consistent in doing what you want?

Most of us have new year Goals, but 90% of us fail to achieve the Goal.

One of the major hindrances in our Growth & Success is the Lack of Consistency which is a huge problem in the world. We are born free and don’t like the idea of getting bounded/restricted by anything or anyone. In the context of being free, our subconscious mind powers over us and we start making n number of excuses, for us not to be consistent leading to procrastinating things.

Consistency is a necessary ingredient in the recipe of Success!

Take any so-called successful person; successful outward or successful inward.
The one outstanding quality in them is that they are consistent in doing what they want.

In this workshop, we will learn how to build this vital habit in ourselves and we will observe that by default whatever we want starts happening.

We bring forth this invaluable knowledge into our mind, heart, soul and imbibe it as part of our being.

Consistency is moving forward a little at a time and eventually achieving our aim.

We focus on easy practical tools and not only Inspirational talks.

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