Excerpts from the book ‘Ask and It’s Given’ By Esther and Jerry Hicks.


You can gradually change  

Your Vibrational Frequency 


Sometimes, one of your friends, who is currently in a much better-feeling place than you are, may encourage you to stop thinking so negative Lee and choose more positive thoughts. But just because your friend is there in that better-feeling place does not mean that your friend can bring you there- for the Law Of Attraction will not allow you to find a vibrational frequency that is far from the frequency that you usually sustain. And even though you do you want to feel better you may not feel that you can find the joyful thought that your friend wants you to find but when you find you to understand that you can eventually find that thought, and that once you have deliberately and gradually changed your vibrational frequency you will be able to sustain that more positive position once you to achieve it. 


So, a good way to feel your way up this vibrational emotional scale is to always be reaching for the feeling of relief that comes when you release or more resistant thought and replace it with a more allowing thought. The stream of well-being is always flowing to you and the more you allow it the better you feel. The more you resist it, the worse you feel.