You are your BELIEFS!

... create those which Empower You!


What is the Program about? Our beliefs are often heavily influenced and shaped, by the people in our world - especially those closest to us. We develop and gather and stick with our beliefs depending on our experiences and events which occur in our lives. Most of our belief systems are formed in the first 7 years which is the period of our emotional growth. Our parents are the key influence in this stage. The next 7 years is our mental growth, mainly influenced by parents and teachers. From 14 to 21 years during our physical growth phase our belief patterns are influenced by parents, teachers, friends, society, movies, books etc. Both our conscious and our subconscious minds are continually absorbing, interpreting, filtering and processing information.In reality, we are all constantly being programmed, taught, influenced, impacted, shaped by our world and everything and everyone in it since childhood. Our beliefs are always being moulded and sculpted without us even being aware of it. We can live our whole life unaware of how our beliefs are effecting our feelings, thoughts and actions. You are your BELIEFS! We will explore:

  • When should we change/question our beliefs?
  • How our beliefs get in the way of our potential?
  • How we can reverse our self-limiting beliefs?



  • Do you believe what you believe?
  • Have you ever considered where your beliefs came from?
  • How they got there? Was it an intentional process?
  • Did you embrace those beliefs consciously ?
  • Do you ever question them? Doubt them? Resent them?
  • Are you even aware of them ?
  • Do your current beliefs propel you towards greatness or do they keep you trapped in mediocrity & monotony ?
  • Do your beliefs serve you, or do you serve them?


What does it cover?

We will be identifying those beliefs that enable us to stay in a positive, productive, creative and empowered headspace. We will be discovering very minute layers of our beliefs in areas of Health, Wealth and Relationships. Clarity about what we believe, who we are, what we want, and why we want it can give us the confidence to do what we need to do to create our best life!

So come and move forward into a better place physically , mentally, emotionally, &, practically!

“Do You determine Your Beliefs? OR Do Your Beliefs determine YOU?!”

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