Excerpts from the book ‘Ask and It’s Given’ By Esther and Jerry Hicks.


A Magnificently Diverse Universe 


If you have the ability to imagine it, or even to think about it, the Universe has the ability and the resources to deliver it fully unto you, for this Universe is like a well-stocked kitchen with very ingredient imaginable at your disposal. And within every particle of this Universe is that which is wanted and the lack of it. This perspective of abundance, and the lack of it, is the environment which focus is possible—and focus activates the Law of Attraction. 



You Did Not Come,  

To fix a Broken World   


As you enthusiastically made the decision to come into this physical body and create in this way, you understood, from non-Physical vantage point, that this physical world was not broken and in need of repair—and you did not come forth to fix it.  


Every physical Being on your planet is your partner in co-creation, and if you would accept that and appreciate the diversity of beliefs and desires all of you would have more expansive, satisfying, and fulfilling experience.  



Since Every Request Is Granted,  

There Is No Competition  


Each point of view matters; every request is granted; and as this amazing universe unerringly expands, there is no end to the Universal resources that fulfil these requests. And there is no end to the answers to the never” ending stream of questions—and for that reason, there is no competition t  


It is not possible for someone else to receive the resources that were meant for you, and you cannot selfishly squander resources that were intended for someone else. All desires are answered; all requests are granted, and no one is left unanswered, unloved, or unfulfilled. When you stay aligned with your Energy stream, you always win, and somebody else does not have to lose for you to win. There is always enough. 


If someone is not receiving what they are asking for, it is not because there is a shortage of resources: it can only be that the person holding the desire is out of alignment with their own request. There is no shortage. There is no lack. There is no competition for resources. There is only the allowing or the disallowing of that which you are asking for.