Condensed from Talks by Pujya Guruji Shree  Rishi  Prabhakarji from RishiVani.


There are four Antahakaranas i.e. inner instruments of knowledge namely:

Manas  – Mind,

Buddhi – Intellect,

Chitta  – Memory and

Chit  – Consciousness.


Most people do not know the difference between these four. Everybody clubs all four together and  call  it  the  mind.


Mind is very different from intellect, memory and consci-ousness. Most people misinter-pret Patanjali’s teachings because they make one fundamental mistake and everything else  is  lost.


Patanjali defines Yoga with this fundamental statement, which sums up the entire Philosophy of Yoga. The sutra says, ‘Yoga, Chitta Vritti  Nirodaha’.


Once these words are wrongly interpreted then everything else   will turn into a mess. Vritti means modification, Nirodhaha means stoppage or control. Chitta – means memory  and  this  is  the  crux.


Most people interpret Chitta as mind or consciousness. Either they interpret it as the stoppage of thoughts in the mind or they interpret it as the stoppage of consciousness. 


Once you misinterpret Chitta then the whole of Yoga is finished  because the very basis is lost. So, now they start building the whole   of Yoga philosophy on a wrong foundation.


Now everybody thinks that to   attain Yoga one must stop the ‘thinking’ process. How does one stop the thinking process? It’s not possible. The more they try to stop the  thinking,  the more  it  happens.

Once you start with one funda-mental mistake then everybody  goes on struggling to stop the thoughts. Then they say that they cannot meditate because they have thoughts and they think that is  a  problem.


There is no problem with thoughts. Once a person under-stands this then most of their problem  is  solved.


So  what  is  meditation? 


Its not acting upon the thoughts,    not worrying about thoughts but detaching oneself from the thinking process and by being a witness to  the thinking process. Automatically, the power to the thought  is  removed.


With understanding and experience of Samadhi everything becomes easy and clear. When the base is clear, then everything becomes  clear.


So  Chitta  means  memory. 

These ancient words written in Sanskrit: ‘Chitta Vritti Nirodhaha’, means to stop operating from past memory i.e. past history. Then you are  in  Yoga. 


Operating from past history is Karma. Operating from pure potential  is  Yog.


So every time you meditate, you cut yourself off from the past   and  you become fresh and new. You start operating from absolute freedom. Meditation frees you from the past and establishes   you in the new. It is a shift from bondage  to  freedom.


So thought itself is not a problem. Where is the source of thought   is  the  point. 


Either Chitta is the source or is      the infinite Brahman, the source? 


When past memories become a burden, then you are stuck. If  you don’t have memory then it    is difficult to operate in the  world.  You must have memory but you must not be bound by that memory. You must be able  to free yourself from that memory.


To be in a state where you   are not at all bound by your past  memory  is  Yoga. ~