Excerpts from the book ‘Exam Warriors’ by PM Narendra Modiji.


Many people will tell you that yoga-pranayama is not for youngsters but for when you are older.

This is far from the truth.


Practising yoga with full awareness in one’s youth is the most effective way to achieve holistic development of the self.


Yoga brings good health and happiness, and makes the mind hassle-free. This augurs well for the exam season.


Devote some time each day, preferably in the morning, to practise yoga.


Yoga strengthens the brain and the nervous system. This sharpens the mind and improves blood circulation. Some of the balancing asanas even enhance confidence.


When one practises the various asanas and pranayama, the ability to concentrate improves. Better concentration brings about greater efficiency in learning, which in turn enhances recall power.


The overall impact is that memory, concentration and confidence are boosted. As Exam Warriors, these are the three things you will need the most. Yoga helps you with all three!


With yoga, Exam Warriors will be better prepared with their studies and more confident about life.


That yoga promotes physical fitness is well known. Along with that, yoga builds mental strength and intellectual sharpness. Regular practice of it will ensure that your mind does not waver. You will became a calmer person, less prone to panic.


Yoga deepens the connect of an individual with society and thus improves one’s emotional quotient (EQ).


At the same time, yoga is a means to attaining spiritual bliss. It ignites the quest to know oneself.


Personally, yoga is integral to my daily routine. My day begins with yoga. It has helped me navigate many challenges.


Yoga is India’s gift to the world. In recent times, it has been attaining immense popularity on the global stage. Since 2015, the world has been observing international Day of Yoga on a grand scale on 21 June every year. This is an extremely positive sign.


In this book, I have put together a number of asanas which will help students in exams and in life. They are easy to understand and practise.

Make yoga a part of your lives and see the change it brings!