Wisdom of the Sages…


Man identifies himself as limited; as a ‘Somebody’. Then he plays    this limited role, for example that   of a professor, student, housewife, a sister-in-law or executive. By playing this role again and again     he becomes bound with the role and his playing becomes sub-conscious and automatic. He takes a definite identity and forgets that he can change it. He loses the freedom of choosing roles, because of this subconscious conditioning.

The SSY Program offers an opportunity to examine your true identity; to experience and realize your true self. You discover yourself to be unbounded and unlimited.

This is exhilarating, releasing and refreshing. The discovery is not only on the intellect level, but can be experienced.

This means a removal of the limitations you put on yourself. It allows you to experience your true freedom. In the process you will become unstuck, and de-condition yourself. There will be a profound impact on your life upon realizing and experiencing your true unbound nature. As  days  go  by,  you  will  become  more  and  more  free.

Suddenly you will find yourself relieved of high blood pressure or asthma, ulcers, epilepsy, migraine or diabetes etc. These cures have been verified in thousands of case studies. Your perception of the world will change. Your ability to play different roles, as needed will increase.